The Trump impeachment circus has packed up and left town. Wednesday, Trump was acquitted of both impeachment charges.

Thursday, Trump gave a public announcement to discuss the trial and acquittal. In true Trump form, it was a victory lap. And who can blame him? He was the subject of a political witch hunt, if ever there was one, and came out on the other end unscathed. This could not be worse for Democrats.

Trump is always just… Trump. Which is a quality the national media refuses to accept or tolerate. Naturally, they responded with claims of Hitler-era reminiscence, accusations of mental illness, and suggestions that Trump’s behavior is unpresidential — whatever that means.

A small sampling:

Hitler. Hitler is everywhere!

Projection. Armchair psychoanalysis.

Poor guy. He’s not the story this time.

“Vindictive.” “Angry.” “Rambling.”

Trump was subjected to a completely political smear job and he’s supposed to be happy about it all?

At this point they just rename themselves the Projection Party.

“Normal.” Should we talk about “normal” journalistic behavior, or nah?



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