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Evergreen State Invites White Man to Lecture at ‘Women of Color in Leadership’ Event

Evergreen State Invites White Man to Lecture at ‘Women of Color in Leadership’ Event

“doing the work of dismantling oppression”

Doesn’t this somehow violate the progressive rules of hierarchy?

The College Fix reports:

Evergreen State College invites white man to lecture women of color

Oh, the irony.

Evergreen State College, possibly the most “woke” institution of higher education in the country, next week is bringing a man of pallid hue to lecture about … a white guy “doing the work of dismantling oppression.”

Not to mention, he was invited by a group called “The Women of Color in Leadership.” When you think about it, however, it actually makes perfect sense.

Tim Wise is an “antiracist essayist, author, and educator,” according to the flyer below, and will give two lectures on February 26 — one at Evergreen State, and later on at the Washington Center in Olympia, Washington.

Wise’s views fit right in with the progressives at Evergreen State, site of the so-called “Day of Absence” where white people were expected to vacate campus “to demonstrate the power” of no Caucasians being around. It’s also where a black professor trashed her white colleagues as “motherfuckers,” and where a lecture equated free speech with “white supremacy.”

Wise has said that Fox News hosts are “backward and bigoted,” that white people “are mentally weak,” and that whites lie when the say they have black friends. He’s also stated that those who believe “in a God of hell/damnation” deserve to be “mocked viciously” and “run out of the public square,” and that believers in the “morality on the Hebrew Scriptures” should “be locked up.”


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He will just identify as a woman of color…for a day

IF colleges were serious about scholarship then what someone says would be more important than who says it.

The reality that “who” almost always trumps “what” shows how unserious they really are about actual scholarship.

Somehow I suspect Wise wouldn’t tolerate being treated in the same fashion he treats others. Just imagine how he would respond if told he is mentally weak, that he deserves to be mocked viciously, that he should be run out of the public square, or that he should be locked up!

Clearly the man is a fool!