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Democrats in Georgia Propose In-State College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

Democrats in Georgia Propose In-State College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

“It’s just a fairness issue”

At some point, you have to wonder who Democrats believe they really represent. Their actions speak volumes.

Campus Reform reports:

Georgia Dems propose cheaper tuition for illegal immigrants

The Georgia legislature is considering a bill that would extend in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, including Dreamers.

Dreamers are immigrants who brought to the U.S. illegally as children but who currently have temporary legal status as a result of one of former President Barack Obama’s executive orders. The Supreme Court is set to take up the legality of that order later in 2020.

Democratic House Minority Leader Bob Trammel, who sponsored the bill along with five other Democratic lawmakers, insists that illegal immigrant students’ ineligibility for in-state tuition is negatively impacting the state because non-citizen students will go elsewhere for college.

“As a consequence, we’re losing talent in Georgia to other states,” Trammell said, according to The Covington News.

“It’s just a fairness issue,” Trammell told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Dalton State College student Christian Olvera expressed that this bill could provide an array of opportunities for Dreamers like himself. Olvera’s parents came from Mexico, and as a Dreamer is currently safe from deportation. He said he has struggled to pay tuition in college.

“In order to keep Georgia the No.-1 business state, we’d love to keep those students coming out of high schools with good GPAs and bright futures,” Olvera said in an interview, adding that the current legislation is a “dream crusher.”


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Fairness to Georgia’s taxpayers apparently didn’t enter into it.

I propose jail time – deportation – or worse.