Richard Grenell made history when President Donald Trump appointed him as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany because he was the first openly gay man to serve at such a high level in an administration.

Grenell made history again on Wednesday night when Trump picked him as his acting Director of National intelligence.

Grenell is the first openly gay person to serve on a president’s Cabinet.

The Appointment

Grenell is loyal to Trump. Considering all the headaches caused by holdovers from President Barack Obama, that’s not a bad thing.

It is not a crime to appoint people loyal to you. Trump is not the first one to do this.

But in all honesty, Grenell’s loyalty lies with America. Grenell used his voice to pressure Germany and other NATO allies to cough up more money for their defenses.

Grenell often visits memorials to Jewish victims of the Nazi regime with survivors. He is an ardent supporter of Israel and does his best to make sure nobody forgets the horrors of the Holocaust.

Despite all of this Grenell has rubbed people the wrong way:

Earlier this month, just weeks after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps fired numerous ballistic missiles at U.S. troops in Iraq and downed a civilian airliner, Grenell sharply criticized Germany for a planned celebration of the founding of Iran’s Islamic Republic. His reaction was in sharp contrast to the more docile attitude toward Iran from other top Western officials, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Germany has a moral responsibility to say to Iran very firmly and clearly that it is unacceptable to deny basic human rights to your people, or kill protesters in the streets or push gay people off buildings. Celebrating the regime’s ongoing existence sends the opposite message,” Grenell told Fox News.

And, Grenell has defended Trump’s tweeting habit, even as Attorney General Bill Barr has said Trump’s posts make it “impossible” for him to do his job at the Justice Department.

“It makes my job so much easier,” Grenell told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. “We as diplomats have to be at the forefront of trying to solve problems. You don’t want to have a war, you want to avoid war, which means diplomats need to be able to talk.”

“If you want to solve problems, you better have diplomats who are really tough — diplomats who know how to push and know how to cajole … so, I like having a president who’s willing to be very tough.”


You would think Grenell’s appointment would bring joy to the left who insist that gays’ rights have greatly diminished under the Trump administration.



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