In Denver, two Bernie Bros got into a fist fight in the middle of a rally while Bernie Sanders, Democrat presidential candidate was on stage delivering a speech.


More from CBS:

A fight broke out in the middle of the Bernie Sanders rally on Sunday evening at the Colorado Convention Center. The Democratic presidential candidate rallied thousands of supporters in Denver in a campaign stop before the March 3 Colorado primary.

CBS4’s news camera was capturing video of the event when two men began fighting. They pushed through a metal barrier fence in the front row as they grappled with each other and one man knocked the other down onto the ground after lifting him up. They both landed on the ground partially under the stage Sanders was in the middle of delivering his speech from.

Friends of both people quickly intervened and after some more shoving successfully broke up the fight.

It’s not clear what the two men were fighting about. Neither one was escorted out — security instead chose to instruct them to separate from each other in the crowd.

Earlier Monday, fellow Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg swatted at the Bernie Bros, saying America doesn’t need their negative vibes.


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