In his Nevada caucus victory speech, Bernie Sanders rattled off — before an ecstatic crowd of college-age supporters — a laundry list of promises: Free public higher education, cancellation of all student loan debt, universal free healthcare, universal “affordable” childcare, minimum $60k per year teacher salaries, and a nationwide $15 per hour minimum wage, among other things.

And not just for citizens, but for the “undocumented” as well.

The crowd cheered wildly.

Tonight 60 Minutes ran an interview with Bernie. You can watch the whole thing and read the transcript here.

Anderson Cooper asked Bernie how much all his promised programs would cost and how would he pay for them. The response wasn’t pretty.

Anderson Cooper: How much will that cost?

Bernie Sanders: Obviously, those are expensive propositions, but we have done our best on issue after issue– in paying for them.

Anderson Cooper: Do you know how all– how much though? I mean, do you have a price tag for– for all of this?

Bernie Sanders: We do. I mean, you know, and– and– the price tag is– it will be substantially less than letting the current system go. I think it’s about $30 trillion.

Anderson Cooper: That’s just for Medicare for All, you’re talking about?

Bernie Sanders: That’s just Medicare for All, yes.

Anderson Cooper: Do you have– a price tag for all of these things?

Bernie Sanders: No, I don’t. We try to– no, you mentioned making public colleges and universities tuition free and cancelling all student debt, that’s correct. That’s what I want to do. We pay for that through a modest tax on Wall Street speculation.

Anderson Cooper: But you say you don’t know what the total price is, but you know how it’s gonna be paid for. How do you know it’s gonna be paid for if you don’t know how much the price is?

Bernie Sanders: Well, I can’t– you know, I can’t rattle off to you ever nickel and every dime. But we have accounted for– you– you talked about Medicare for All. We have options out there that will pay for it.

Now you know why establishment Democrats are scared to death of Bernie being the nominee.


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