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VA Governor Ralph Northam Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Pro-Gun Rally at Capitol

VA Governor Ralph Northam Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Pro-Gun Rally at Capitol

“out of state militia groups and hate groups planning to travel from across the country to disrupt our democratic process with acts of violence”

In the latest development of the ongoing dispute over gun control in Virginia, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency and a temporary ban on weapons on capitol grounds, ahead of a planned pro-gun rights rally.

If this already sounds like an overreaction to you, wait until you hear Northam’s professed cause for concern.

Vandana Rambaran reports at FOX News:

Virginia’s Ralph Northam announces temporary gun ban on Capitol grounds, state of emergency

Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., declared a state of emergency Wednesday and said he is temporarily banning individuals from carrying firearms and other weapons on Capitol grounds ahead of a scheduled gun rally for fear of a repeat of the violence law enforcement was ill-prepared to deal with at another rally in Charlottesville more than two years ago.

Northam said at a press conference Wednesday that the decision is based on “credible intelligence” from “mainstream channels, both offline and online, such as alternative dark web channels used by violent groups and white nationalists from outside Virginia,” which law enforcement says have “malicious plans” that include storming the state Capitol building and stirring up violence at Monday’s rally.

“This includes out of state militia groups and hate groups planning to travel from across the country to disrupt our democratic process with acts of violence,” Northam said. “They’re not coming to peacefully protest. They’re coming to intimidate and cause harm.”

Watch Northam’s announcement below:

The NRA released this statement on Twitter:

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms reports that Northam’s efforts are backfiring:

As Northam Enacts Capitol Gun Ban, More VA Towns Back 2A Resolutions

Even as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is set to declare a temporary emergency in the state of Virginia in order to declare the state capitol grounds a gun free zone, more and more Virginia towns and cities are declaring their locales Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

There are now at least 130 counties, towns, and cities in Virginia that have taken the step, including several on Tuesday.

Council members in Portsmouth voted 4-3 Tuesday evening to declare the city a “Second Amendment Constitutional City” with a crowd of gun owners in attendance.

“Tonight is about supporting not only the Second Amendment but all of our rights. They are natural rights. They’re God-given, not made by man, and no man can take them away,” said Les Gilliam, who attended the meeting.

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Good luck with that. I know of several people who are planning to attend and legally open carry. They are not part of hate groups, white supremacists, and couldn’t find the “dark web” at midnight.

Such garbage. Antifa makes noise about making trouble and instead of having the guts to deal with them he tries to ban guns on white nationalists outside of the state.

People of Virginia should just show up with their guns anyway. They can’t arrest everyone.

“…hate groups planning to travel from across the country to disrupt our democratic process with acts of violence,”

“They’re not coming to peacefully protest. They’re coming to intimidate and cause harm.”

Sounds like Antifa to me.

    Nothing new there. I remember when his party used to complain about outside agitators coming into the state to rile up owah nigras.

Yet mass shooters don’t tend to be Second amendment supporting NRA members, but rather anti-gun Bernie bro’s.

    MattMusson in reply to Sally MJ. | January 16, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    I genuinely believe we will see a false flag operation / shooting to make these legitimate protestors appear to be right wing, Nazi murderers.

Governor Blackface doth project too much. All he needs to do is ban high-capacity [anti-]fascists and other anti-civil rights activists.

Newport News is still being dumb and won’t allow for a vote on 2nd amendment sanctuary.

Close The Fed | January 16, 2020 at 2:13 pm

Is there a recall procedure for governor in Virginia?

If so, folks ought to be employing it.

    healthguyfsu in reply to Close The Fed. | January 16, 2020 at 2:23 pm

    Wouldn’t matter…the North has taken over this state.

      Close The Fed in reply to healthguyfsu. | January 16, 2020 at 3:22 pm

      People motivated enough to go to the Capitol are motivated enough for a recall, except as the other commenter informed us, it’s gone from 10% to 25%.

      25% is massive.

      Not really. Repubs got lazy, didn’t contest a lot of seats and the voters didn’t bother to go out and vote.

    MattMusson in reply to Close The Fed. | January 16, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    The Democrat held statehouse just modified Virginia’s recall procedure. The requirement went from 10% of registered voters to 25% of registered voters, signing for a recall.

    Clearly, they expected the effort was going to be made.

    With the numbers coming out against Northam’s gun grab, I think there might be enough for the recall. If that happened, they’d have to do it again as Justin Fairfax stands for the same things. But maybe by then Justin would have finally charged with assault, as has been claimed.
    It’s a mess.
    2021 is a long time to wait this out.

Close The Fed | January 16, 2020 at 2:14 pm

Recall, impeachment, something.

Democratic Governor Ralph Fidel Hugo Nicolas Northam is concerned about violence… I am also… from the “direct action” forces of the Left … Antifa, agents provocateur from the administration (see Charlottesville) and MSM.

It will be a mess…. but not from the 2A group. It will be choreographed no matter what. It’s too good an opportunity for the Left to not false flag it…. the “Richmond Reichstag”.

Will Northam allow Antifa to non-peaceably assemble as in Charlottesville?

    Charlottesville was his predecessor McAuliffe. What’s the Richmond mayor’s background?

    Just remember, he belongs to the same party as the governor and mayor who set up the Charlottesville riots.

    Now an independent report has come out, suggesting that much of the blame for the clashes, injuries and death lies with poor police work by the Charlottesville Police Department, the Virginia State Police and the University of Virginia Police.

    The report, authored by former U.S. attorney Timothy Heaphy for the Charlottesville City Council, found, as reported by USA Today:

    • Charlottesville police didn’t ensure separation between counter-protesters and so called alt-right protesters upset with the city council’s decision to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Emancipation Park.

    • Officers weren’t stationed along routes to the park, but instead remained behind barricades in relatively empty zones.

    • City police didn’t adequately coordinate with Virginia State Police, and authorities were unable to communicate via radio.

    • State police didn’t share a formal planning document with city police, “a crucial failure.”

    • Officers were inadequately equipped to respond to the clashes between the two groups, and tactical gear was not accessible to officers.

    Furthermore, though no specific evidence of a “stand down” order was found, as some have charged, the report did find that police didn’t do their jobs: “We did not find evidence of a direct order to officers to ‘stand down’ and not respond to fights and other disorders. Even if there was no explicit ‘stand down’ order in place, CPD and VSP both failed to ‘stand up’ to protect human life.” Areas where conflict could be expected to occur didn’t have police officers assigned to them; areas where police officers were stationed were out of the way.

    When violence first broke out, according to two witnesses Chief Thomas reportedly said “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

    When the police finally decided to shut the rally down, they did it in a way that forced the protesters and counterprotesters into each other, instead of separating them, making violence far more likely. Meanwhile police who could have deescalated the violence stood aside.

    And when I say “set up”, I mean conspiracy to facilitate murder, at the very least.

    Dixon bragged on Facebook about confronting James Fields with an AR-15 rifle, moments before Fields drove his car into a crowd of protesters at the Charlottesville, Virginia protests (and in doing so, perhaps pushing Fields’s emotions past the point of reason). During Fields’s trial, though, Dixon changed his story, claiming it was not Fields’s car he approached with his weapon, but another one.

    An AR-15 is not a concealed carry gun. How did he get it into the area without the connivance of one or more of the law enforcement agencies whose connivance in ensuring that the Antifa mob would be allowed to assault the protesters who had a permit?

    Those Antifa crybabies haven’t a prayer against this crowd. Best for them not to even show up.

Is he also going to ban sticks, bike chains, concrete milkshakes, and other items which can be used as weapons?

What about red hats and political flags?

2smartforlibs | January 16, 2020 at 2:32 pm

Kind fo jumping the gun a little aren’t you?

Those “extremists” traveling from out-of-state are doing so to defend their CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Virginia has declared war on not only their own in-state citizens but on out-of-state American citizens as well. That black grease paint must be affecting his brain.

Hey! Even paranoids have enemies.

OwenKellogg-Engineer | January 16, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Who knew there would be a Richmond Reichstag?

So… do pitchforks count as “weapons”?
How about tar? Feathers?

What would I give to have a portable barbecue that I could bring with a pot of tar kept liquid on it……

I also wonder if the “threats” he’s privy to involve the VA state seal/flag? Because that could only be considered a threat if you actually are a tyrant. Right?

Patrick Bateman | January 16, 2020 at 4:57 pm

Come on, guys. I think you’re all being a little too rough with ol’ Coonman.

If you can’t trust a guy with the nickname of Coonman, who can you trust?

He’s posturing, preparing the left-leaning public for his war on gun owners. He’ll imply that all gun owners are white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

He’s hoping for some good photo-ops that he can use to sway public opinion when he introduces his new anti-2nd-Amendment laws. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems are quietly encouraging all the neo-Nazi nuts to show up and make a big scene.

No discussion in the post about the illegally of the “no weapons” order? Trying to use a state of emergency to deny people carrying firearms as they rally… Virginia passed a bill expressly denying the government the ability to do that, in 2012.

As others have stated, the Dems keep moving the goal posts to prevent the citizens of VA from removing them.


The Tree is looking mighty thirsty…

am wondering where the constitutional experts are with this?–surely, in all virginia, there exists an attorney that can file for an emergency injunction in federal court?–or is this idiot governor beyond the court’s jurisdiction?–this is a test run against us all by the fascists, just to see how far they can go, how many rights are negotiable–am certain that no matter what occurs, it will be heavily filmed by everyone and if indeed this is a provocation by the fascists, there will be photo evidence to expose them for what they are attempting to do

Secession, it was right then and it is right now. May the American counties in Virginia move to join themselves with West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky or simply create an independent geo-political known as Old Virginia.

Code of Virginia, § 44-146.15.

“Nothing in this chapter is to be construed to:

(3) Empower the Governor, any political subdivision, or any other governmental authority to in any way limit or prohibit the rights of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by Article I, Section 13 of the Constitution of Virginia or the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, including the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, sale, or transfer of firearms except to the extent necessary to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor, any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or any other governmental entity as an emergency shelter or for the purpose of sheltering persons;”

Northam has declared that Capitol Square, where rallies and protests have been conducted for years, is a government employee shelter. Let’s see if a judge buys it.

I don’t believe emergency powers legislation gives him the legal authority to create such gun-free zones.

Impalement would be better.

Better hide behind that blackface, gov.

“malicious plans” that include storming the state Capitol building and stirring up violence
Well to be fair, it is how we became a republic so many years ago. Tyrants weren’t tolerated back then for long either.
I have a feeling the upcoming election is going to be like 1994 again.

Coonman and the newly-elected Democratic elite have no idea what they are up against. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

Hey governor, stop trying to take away your citizens God given rights guaranteed in the constitution.

Keep on VA patriots.

“Prince William County supervisors pulled a resolution in support of more firearm laws after county residents flooded their board meeting Tuesday with opposition to gun control.”

Prince William Co. in NoVa had sadly become part of the swamp bleed from DC, but we are seeing push back.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 17, 2020 at 5:24 pm

Antifa Group Plans To March Alongside Pro-Gun Protesters In Virginia

Beg y’all all’s pardon, but I finally had an idea of what to do. Going there is not possible.

So some alternatives:
A. Go buy a gun, filling out the form. Or
B. Just fill out the form. Showing an interest. Or
C. Go buy a big box of ammonition.
D. Spend time at a shooting range.

Just some thoughts.