While much of the country has been focused on recent developments in Iran, a tense debate about gun control has been brewing in Virginia.

Democrats have wasted no time since taking power, spurring a Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’ movement in numerous counties throughout the state.

If you want to know what Democrats would do if they could on a national level, look no further than Virginia. That’s a point recently made by Dana Loesch.

Talia Kaplan reports at FOX News:

Dana Loesch: Proposed ‘disarmament’ in Virginia is what Dems envision for America

National radio host Dana Loesch said on Thursday that the new Democratic majority in the Virginia state legislature is taking a “bad gamble” by trying to pass new restrictions on gun ownership.

“If they [Virginia Democrats] get this optic, this is going to look horrible for them in 2020, to say nothing of the precedent that it sets for gun rights,” Loesch said on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday. “This isn’t going to stop. Gun owners will win.”

The Virginia Beach City Council voted Monday to add the city to a growing list of nearly 100 cities and counties that have joined the “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement in the commonwealth of Virginia, which is meant to flout an assault weapons ban and other proposals.

The city council resolution declared a “continued commitment to support all provisions of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”…

“There’s one Democrat lawmaker who actually proposed to ban gun ranges,” Loesch said. “They want to ban gun ranges because it’s all about gun sense and gun safety, but yet I guess a part of that gun sense and gun safety is to make it to where law-abiding Americans can’t actually train to carry their arms and practice their marksmanship, which doesn’t sound like gun sense or gun safety to me.”

Gun rights activist Colion Noir broke down what’s happening in Virginia during a recent appearance on FOX:

Gun owners in Virginia deserve credit for such a rapid response to this. They clearly see what is happening and are making themselves heard.

Paul Bedard writes at the Washington Examiner:

100,000 gun owners to fight new Virginia bans: ‘We’re not the problem’

Some 100,000 Virginia gun owners who have rallied at county and town meetings for “gun sanctuaries” on Thursday began “bombarding” state Democratic lawmakers eager to use their new majority in Richmond to push through new restrictions and bans.

“Now it’s time. Now we’re going to melt down their phones, explode their inboxes on their email. We’re going to bombard them more than they’ve been bombarded,” said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is leading the gun sanctuary movement.

On Thursday, he issued an “alert” to supporters to start lobbying lawmakers in Richmond against gun control. He said that the new anti-gun laws from Democrats are “pouring in like a waterfall.”

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