So these protesters won’t get any real punishment and their records will be clean? Must be nice.

The College Fix reports:

Ivy League privilege: Climate change protesters get records expunged for shutting down football game

Going to an Ivy League school is great. Not only are you practically guaranteed a lucrative job and enriching professional networks after graduation, but you’re above the law even while still enrolled.

It’s not even clear that the dozens of Harvard and Yale students and alumni arrested for shutting down the Harvard-Yale football game – in order to demand divestment from fossil fuels – fulfilled their court-ordered five hours of community service.

The Harvard Crimson makes no mention of whether Judge Phillip Scarpellino required the 10 Harvard students and alumni to produce documentation that they served the conditions under which their charges would be dropped. All the protesters agreed to Scarpellino’s terms at their Dec. 6 hearing.

They showed up in his New Haven court Monday, where “their case was annulled, legally erasing any record of their arrest (the Yale Daily News has no coverage of Monday’s hearing, so it’s unclear what happened to the Yale charges):

[Lawyer Hugh] Keefe represented the Harvard students arrested during the divestment protest alongside attorney Tara Knight. In an interview Monday, Keefe said he received the outcome he had originally hoped for.

“The disposition I was hoping for would be one where there was no record of any kind,” he said. “I was successful in doing that.” …

“Many of these people are seniors and juniors looking for spots in graduate school and jobs,” Keefe said. “It’s very important that we keep their records clean for that purpose.”


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