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LIVE: House Managers Wrap Up Impeachment Opening Arguments

LIVE: House Managers Wrap Up Impeachment Opening Arguments


The Democratic House Managers will wrap up their opening arguments in front of the Senate today for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

This is their last chance to convince the Senate to subpoena witnesses and documents.

The Democratic Senators need four Republican Senators to reach the 51 needed votes to force the issue. Everyone has eyes on Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Main Sen. Susan Collins, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

However, Murkowski voiced her disgust at the House Democrats yesterday because they expect the Senate to do the hard work. She wants to know why the House was able to rush through impeachment, but expect the Senate to go through the courts if Trump asserts executive privilege over witnesses and documents.

So maybe Murkowski isn’t as reliable to the Democrats as they thought.


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I didn’t watch it but will give a brief summary anyway –

Democrats- blah blah blah (lots of stupid lying biased comments)

Eric Swallwell – farts

Democrats – more blah blah Russians Hilary was cheated

Bernie – looks bored and thinks of busy Biden glad handing Iowans (especially woman and children)

Democrats – the end! must impeach! (else Trump will be re-elected in 2020)

“The Democratic Senators need four Republican Senators to reach the 51”
If a call for witnesses vote is 50-50, will Roberts vote to break the tie or will he refuse…both options occurred in the Johnson trial. If he does vote, yes or no?

IMO, no he will refuse to insert himself. If it were me, I would make a tactful statement something like’ the Senate has not reached a political consensus, as impeachment is an inherently political undertaking it is inappropriate for me, as a member of the Judiciary, to insert myself into the political process to prolong or expand the process. Therefore the HoR managers having failed to convince a majority of the Senate as to the need for further testimony, I abstain and the motion is tabled.’

    fishingfool55 in reply to CommoChief. | January 24, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    Exactly, especially if Trump will claim privilege and it will eventually end up before the Supreme Court. Vote yes and then he would be expected to recuse himself from the case.

I am sure the couple dozen people that were either paid or forced to actually watch that freakshow are glad that is over.

Schiff should be wrapped up all right … in a straight-jacket … in a rubber room with pink walls … in the isolation wing … on McNeil Island (closed) … with no boat service …

    Firewatch in reply to MrE. | January 24, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    No, just 15 minutes in a small room with a man named Bubba who has a baseball bat and a bad attitude.

No person better epitomizes today’s fascist Democrat than Adam Schiff. Selling idiocy to imbeciles.

I heard more “Trump deserves to be removed from office because he did a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t in this impeachment charge and we can’t really tell you about it but we can infer and if we had witnesses boy we’d show you how crooked he is but he wouldn’t let us have them so we’re impeaching him on that rather than actually pursue the issue through the court and you need to vote really quick or he’ll win re-election in a landslide and drag the whole country down into a Russian/Ukrainian hellhole of buying influence like Joe Biden didn’t do.”

I could only listen in short bursts. I have a life, and sanity.

A bronx cheer at the end would be highly appropriate IMO

Just because you’ve been given 12 hours for 2 days does not mean you actually need to use all 12 hours for 2 days.

If you cant make your case succinctly then you haven’t got a case to make.

    Edward in reply to mailman. | January 24, 2020 at 7:23 pm

    Did you catch the explanation? People are joining the TV audience at various times and may not have seen or heard any of the previous explanations, so we have to repeat everything multiple times to give the citizenry ample opportunity to absorb our brilliance.

    OK, they didn’t use that last word, but you know they thought it.

“You have to remove him from the presidency because he’s so icky and mean and… and… and ORANGE!!!!!!!”

The Democrats “arguments” the past 3 days have highlighted why the Jackass is a perfect symbol fo their party.

That gurgling sound you hear is both the Democrats unconstitutional coup d’état AND their presidential election hopes going down the drain.

I have NEVER seen such a contemptable, despicable political action as the Democrats actions.