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Ithaca College Student Arrested After Breaching White House Security Perimeter

Ithaca College Student Arrested After Breaching White House Security Perimeter

“backpack contained multiple prescription medications”

The student apparently has some mental health issues. It’s not surprising when you read what his goal was here.

The Ithaca Voice reports:

Ithaca College student breaches White House security perimeter

An Ithaca College student on medical leave for mental health issues breached a security perimeter at the White House in order to speak to the President, resulting in his arrest.

According to court documents, on Monday, Jan. 20, the man has been identified as Bronzert Armayor Pedulla-Smith, who told authorities that he was on a medical leave of absence from school.

He told Secret Service that he wanted to, “tell Trump he is a fascist and to “bring him down in a non-violent way.”

According to a Secret Service spokesperson, “at approximately 5:57 p.m., an individual attempted to drive a motorized scooter through a security checkpoint on E Street, after turning off of 15th Street, NW. Secret Service Uniformed Division officers immediately arrested the individual for Attempted Unlawful Entry and the individual was transported to MPD-2D for processing.”

Pedulla-Smith told the arresting officer and other officers that he traveled from Ithaca, N.Y. to Washington D.C. via Amtrak, and that he is currently on a leave of absence from Ithaca College due to high stress and episodes of mania that he has been dealing with.

Pedulla-Smith also stated that he attended his first outpatient program on the day of the incident at a mental health facility in Ithaca and that he was placed on a “cocktail” of meds to help him with his ADHD and psychosis. He later explained that he was bipolar. A search of Pedulla-Smith’s backpack contained multiple prescription medications.


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“tell Trump he is a fascist and to bring him down in a non-violent way.”

Of course he wouldn’t want to talk WITH the President. Let alone listen to anything the President might have to say: he wanted to talk TO the President. Because he just knows that he knows so much more than the President, and is so much wiser than the President, that he couldn’t possibly learn anything from anything the President might have to say anyway.

So, apparently this student has mental issues, but, how many Trump-haters have a similar level of “I’ll do the talking here, you just need to listen” arrogance?

Poor loon probably has a case of Circular Greta Dysphoria.