Adam Schiff is up to his usual games, claiming the NSA and CIA have been withholding potentially important documents relevant to impeachment.

Of course, Schiff is raising this concern only on the eve of the trial. It was not raised during the House investigation. He wants to drag out the trial while the supposed NSA and CIA conduct is investigated. Sound familiar? Just like in Kavanaugh as one ridiculous accuser after another came forward (remember the supposed Rhode Island boat sexual assault?), all Democrats supposedly wanted was an “investigation.”

Democrats also are talking about calling more witnesses in the House if they don’t get their way in the Senate trial as to witnesses.

Democrats are acting in complete bad faith. As I wrote in Lev Parnas is Julie Swetnick, and Dems are trying to ‘Kavanaugh’ the impeachment trial, Republicans should shut this Schiff charade down. Let Schiff present his case based on the House record, let Trump’s counsel present their rebuttal, then ether vote to dismiss the case or move to a vote to acquit or convict.

If four weak Republicans vote to hear witnesses and allow Schiff to perform his circus act in the Senate, then of course Schiff himself needs to be called as a witness by Republicans. Schiff is a dirty congressman, and he needs to be questioned under oath about his own activities in maneuvering to undermine the administration, including leaks from his office and committee.

But beyond exposing Schiff’s dirty laundry, Joe Biden and Hunder Biden need to be witnesses.

One framing of this whole impeachment I’ve been thinking about but never put in words, is that Trump did nothing wrong by raising the issue of investigating the Bidens. The son of the then-sitting Vice President of the United States received obvious payola from a Ukrainian company under investigation for corruption at a time that VP was responsible for U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

If Joe Biden were not running for president, would it have been improper — much less impeachable — for the successor President to ask for an investigation? Of course not.

So why does it become improper just because Biden decided to run for president? Does running for president create an immunity from investigation? If it does, that would be news to Donald Trump who was investigated by the Obama administration while Trump was running for president (over the failed Russia-collusion claim).

Mark Levin, reacting to a story about another Biden family member who got rich working the Biden name while Joe was VP, put it succinctly in a tweet:

The Bidens are corrupt. The impeachment of the president occurred, in part, to immunize Biden from legitimate scrutiny.

My response was:

Exactly. Possible corruption of former Vice President of the United States at hands of foreign entity paying his son is a legitimate subject of investigation. It does not become illegitimate just because that former VP decides to run for president.


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