General Michael Flynn is now accusing federal prosecutors of acting in “bad faith” during the Russia probe and is moving to withdraw his guilty plea. This is unfolding as he faces a term of six months in prison.

Trump supporters on Twitter have been calling on the president to pardon Flynn for months, and this development will likely increase those calls.

Andrew O’Reilly reports at FOX News:

Michael Flynn moves to withdraw guilty plea, citing ‘bad faith’ by government

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn moved Tuesday to withdraw his guilty plea for lying to the FBI in the Russia probe, citing “bad faith” by the government.

The court filing came just days after the Justice Department reversed course to recommend up to six months of prison time in his case, alleging he was not fully cooperating or accepting responsibility for his actions.

But, in Tuesday’s court filing, his legal team said he moved to withdraw his plea “because of the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement.”

“The prosecution has shown abject bad faith in pure retaliation against Mr. Flynn since he retained new counsel,” Flynn’s attorneys wrote in the filing. “This can only be because with new, unconflicted counsel, Mr. Flynn refused to lie for the prosecution.”

The filing continued:”Justice is not a game, and there should be no room for such gamesmanship in the Department of Justice.”

Is this a turning point in the Russian narrative that won’t seem to die?

Daniel Chaitin and Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner have more on this:

The motion, filed by Flynn’s legal team, which cites “the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness, and breach of the plea agreement,” comes one week after the Justice Department asked a federal judge to sentence President Trump’s former national security adviser to up to half a year in prison.

“It is beyond ironic and completely outrageous that the prosecutors have persecuted Mr. Flynn, virtually bankrupted him, and put his entire family through unimaginable stress for three years,” wrote former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and her co-counsel wrote in a filing in the U.S. District Court in D.C.

Flynn, 61, pleaded guilty in 2017 for lying to investigators about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak regarding U.S. sanctions and a U.N. Security Council vote. Former FBI Director James Comey admitted he took advantage of the chaos in the early days of the Trump administration when he sent then-special agent Peter Strzok and another FBI agent to talk to Flynn.

Curiously, Flynn is still fighting this battle as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Clapper are free to go about their business.


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