Former Obama campaign Chief Strategist and later Senior Advisor to Obama David Axelrod is reportedly surprised by how little Democrat primary voters care about the ongoing partisan impeachment sham.

On Friday, Axelrod attended a focus group of Democrat voters in Chicago, and he found it “chilling” that the impeachment circus didn’t come up for the first 80 minutes and that when it did, no one cared.

The Hill reports:

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod said he attended a focus group with Democratic voters in Chicago on Friday, describing the gathering as “chilling” because impeachment “didn’t come up” until more than an hour into the session despite it taking place amid the Senate trial of President Trump.

Axelrod, who serves as a political analyst on CNN, shared about his experience during an interview with network anchor Erin Burnett on “OutFront” on Friday night, as Democratic House impeachment managers made their final arguments in the trial before White House lawyers begin their defense of the president on Saturday.

“I was in a focus group this morning for the Institute for Politics here at the University of Chicago with some Chicago Democratic voters, and it was chilling to hear them talk about this,” Axelrod said. “Because impeachment didn’t come up, no one volunteered it, for 80 minutes into the focus group, and we’re right in the middle of the trial.”

“When it came up, they said, you know, it’s terrible what he did, the case has been proven, but we know how it’s going to turn out,” Axelrod continued. “So we’re not really that interested, we’re ready to move on.”

This should be no surprise given the shabby ratings the latest installment of the partisan Democrat impeachment show has garnered.

Democrat leadership should be asking themselves about this. If even Democrat primary voters are ready to move on, maybe that’s a good idea. But of course they won’t move on, and while that might please their tiny, vocal radical base, it does not bode well for them in November.


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