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CNN Poll: Sanders Takes Over Top Spot From Biden

CNN Poll: Sanders Takes Over Top Spot From Biden

The latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS shows registered Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over former Vice President Joe Biden.

This is the first time Biden did not come out on top of a CNN national poll.

The poll also showed it as a two-person race between the old white males. Sanders has 27% of the respondents while Biden grabbed 24%.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) landed in third at 14%.

Sanders gained seven points since the December poll.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Andrew Yang, and Tom Steyer also gained small traction, but not enough to buoy themselves up to prominence.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg remained steady at 5%.

The poll has a small caveat that might worry Sanders and even Biden and Warren. Only 42% of the people who chose a candidate to support said they would definitely support that candidate.

Yet, 58% admitted they might change their mind.

57% of those questioned said it is more important the Democratic Party chooses a candidate who has a “strong chance” of beating President Donald Trump. Only 35% said it is important that the nominee has the same positions on major issues as them.

The question of which eventual nominee has the best chance to beat Trump also raised some eyebrows. Only three points separate Sanders and Biden, but 45% of the respondents believe Biden has the best chance to beat Trump.

Almost half of them believe Biden has the best chance to beat Trump even though only 24% of them chose him.

24% said Sanders has the best chance. Granted this number went up from 16% in December.

CNN tried to make a big deal of the fact that the people chose candidates over Trump in the poll. But you need to remember SSRS asked registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. So is this really a surprise to anyone? Yeah, didn’t think so.


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By all rights, IMHO Bernie deserves the nomination. His voter base is loyal as all get out, his staff gets out his message and he weathers all kinds of negativity from the media.

As an aside, I’ve noticed Bloomberg’s ads are getting more and more progressive. The first few were general, “I’m Mike and I can get it done”. NOW, it’s “I’m Mike and I’m shutting down coal plants and I’m taking your guns”. That he’s creeping up in the polls is unnerving.

    OrJustThink in reply to EOS. | January 23, 2020 at 11:42 am

    There are more and more people who take the time to listen to the message of Bernie everyday. If more folks that went for Trump as the anti-establishment candidate listened to what it truly is Bernie is recommending, I think they would climb on board. There are always those who don’t understand what socialism means, or those who can’t see past the “only-two-possible-outcomes” mentality, but Bernie is as true to anti-establishment (in his rhetoric) as Trump told us all that he was during his campaign.

    Trump – Drain the Swamp (to be filled with sharks. No swimming!)

    Bernie – No more – corrupt insurance, lobbyists, corporations buying candidates, etc.

    There’s always a chance that like Trump, Bernie is just as corrupt as anyone else is, and nothing will change. But like Trump, we cannot know until we vote him in.

National poll of registered voters? A nice overview of sentiment. Not critical though.

All that matters are likely voters in IA and NH.

Only the Top 2-3 out of those two states – and maybe Bloomberg as a long shot because of his money and focus on later states – will matter the rest of the way.

That picture looks like an episode of Jeopardy’s Tournament of Crapions.”

Bernie doesn’t deserve spit. Frankly, I don’t understand why he should have been allowed to run again as a Democrat when he only registers as a Dem when he runs for President.
Maybe the first time, but right after being ousted the last time he reverted to “independent”.
That he has a strong following is quite scary. He is a Communist, not some cute little socialist, even though he plays one on TV. His views do not align with our Constitution, our Country, our Values.
Then again, this is nearly the whole Democratic National Socialist Party these days.

The sample is so small that, even granting all the mathematically primitive assumptions endemic to pollsters, 27% (or 312 votes) is indistinguishable from 24% (or 277 votes). The difference is down in the noise level.

Maybe Grampa Joe should have taken an interest in his youngest grandson; most people believe that’s the thing to do.

caseoftheblues | January 22, 2020 at 7:30 pm

Sanders is a full on America hating communist and a large percentage of his base are frankly just fascists. How he is even a frontrunner is scary. That virtually ALL the “Democrat” candidates are promising policies that if actually enacted will result in the destruction of the US and mass death is terrifying….and the Democrat voters with eyes glazed and mouths hanging open clap like trained seals and shake their fists at Trump….just unbelievable

Unending free stuff is a powerful message to the clueless.

    bobinreverse in reply to Y2K. | January 22, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    And abject hate of Joe and Jo Blow to the Dems ever expanding minority base is even more powerful message.

All this really tells us nothing –

Small sample
National sample
Registered Democrats

And …. the best polls were worthless in the last election.

земля! мир! хлеб!

Labour unmasked themselves in the UK. The Dem’s mask has fallen… finally just lies in general rather than those lies and lies about who they are.

The promise of “new socialism” that will be successful…honest. Oh, the past communist regimes (and present) have been bad although Bernie “endured” the bad parts to praise the good parts.

I’ve been amazed over the past week to see both CNN and NBC spin the news (especially the tiff with Warren) to make Sanders look bad. Then the NY Times backed Warren (and an unlikely candidate so they wouldn’t seem so biased).

I think the Dems are afraid that Sanders might get the nomination, which would enable Trump and his supporters to drag out all of Bernie’s dirty laundry. Remember when he was an unabashed socialist-lover, gushing over the USSR, Cuba, and Venezuela? The Republicans would point out the dangers of electing a socialist, and the voters would choose freedom over socialism. Besides, Sanders has never been a loyal Democrat.

Warren is likely a socialist at heart, but she doesn’t admit it, and she has campaigned in the past as a loyal Democrat. So the Dems like her better, even if Trump is likely to point out the many times she has spoken with a forked tongue. In 2016, the Dems pulled all their dirty tricks to keep Bernie from the nomination. I expect them to do no less now.

    I think the main reason Warren is so popular with gentry liberals in the media is that they long to run another Obama-style “first” campaign: nominate a woman to be the first female President, gush about how she is breaking barriers erected by eeevil RethugiKKKans, ignore her shady record, and demonize all opponents (including other Democrats) as misogynist bigots undeserving of any basic human rights.

    There is no way Warren would win if the campaign was about debating the dreary Marxism she promotes. So turn her into an untouchable celebrity like Obama was and party like it is 2008 again (worst economy since the Great Depression, hope & change, we are the change we have been waiting for, etc.).