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CA Gov. Newsom wants to fund health care for illegal immigrant seniors

CA Gov. Newsom wants to fund health care for illegal immigrant seniors

Newsom naively believes this is the crisis California needs to address.

Last year, California passed a law that will offer government-subsidized health benefits for undocumented immigrants under the age of 26. The expansion took effect New Year’s Day and will cost $98 million in the upcoming fiscal year.

Now Governor Gavin Newsom indicates he wants to expand the plan to include illegal immigrant seniors.

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a $222 billion state budget Friday that he said represents a snapshot of his priorities for California, including boosting funding for homelessness programs, paying for health care for undocumented-immigrant seniors and closing a state prison.

He repeatedly portrayed those plans as a rebuke of a federal government that he said is increasingly unwilling to help the state tackle its most pressing problems, as well as of “a California derangement syndrome going on in the popular media — that somehow our best days are behind us, that somehow California’s not hitting on many cylinders.”

“I’m very proud to be a Californian,” Newsom said during a news conference at the state Capitol. “I’m proud of this state, and I’m proud of the budget that we are presenting today, because I am not naive about the areas where we’re falling short.”

I would argue that he is clearly naive. Inasmuch as homelessness is still at crisis levels, we are threatened with serious public health issues, and our state’s infrastructure is pitiful. Giving away free stuff to non-citizens actually makes all of these situations worse.

However, supporters of this proposal are excited about the possibility. Read their explanation of support, and see where you can find the flaw in their logic tree:

Supporters of the expansion say covering seniors is the logical — and less costly — next step toward universal healthcare coverage, a policy goal central to Newsom’s campaign platform. One of the largest groups of uninsured Californians is immigrants in the U.S. illegally, with an estimated 1.5 million adults eligible based on income but excluded because of their immigration status.

The administration estimated last year that expanding Medi-Cal to all income-eligible adults regardless of age or immigration status would cost $2.4 billion a year.

These immigrants are not “Californians,” but citizens of another country who are here illegally. The good news is that the rest of the nation doesn’t have to pay for this travesty because the Affordable Care Act prohibits the use of federal dollars for covering such immigrants.

Wiser analysis concludes that this move will speed the exodus from California by the middle class.

“The state has taken numerous steps over the years to accommodate people who are in the country illegally,” says Ira Mehlman from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

He says the program will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

“In Sacramento they continue to make choices that will further discourage the middle-class from remaining in California and further encourage more people to come and settle illegally,” says Mehlman.

Perhaps when enough taxpayers leave the state, Newsom will realize that he was fixing the wrong problems.


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Fund it yourself. Stop wasting our tax money.

The State can fund illegals, but if a private company hires without an I9 it is the woodshed for them?

Now Kalifornians can not only provide medical care for illegals and their children, but their parents too. Kalifornia is a magnet for illegals and the homeless.

Dhimmi-crat apparatchiks across the nation are gleefully bestowing all of the privileges and indicia of citizenship — driver’s licenses; voting rights (local & school board), and, of course, taxpayer-funded entitlements — upon illegal aliens. Which means that the Dhimmis should be asked whether they believe that any practical distinctions actually exist between American citizens and illegal aliens, and, why the Dhimmi-crat Party is more committed to advancing the interests of illegal aliens over American citizens.

    alaskabob in reply to guyjones. | January 12, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    “Citizens of the World”….. moving from one cushy country (er…locale) to another until all are leveled in outcome. Dems without borders. There is global warming… after the Dems get through we’re cooked.

    Milhouse in reply to guyjones. | January 12, 2020 at 3:14 pm

    Drivers’ licenses are not and have never been one of the “privileges and indicia of citizenship”. Nobody even suggests that legal aliens should not get drivers’ licenses.

    Nor is there any reason why legal aliens should not be allowed to vote in local elections, if the state wants that; they pay taxes and are subject to the laws, so why shouldn’t they have a say in making them? It’s up to the state; most states choose not to allow it, which is their right, but if a state does choose to allow it there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s none of anyone else’s business.

      healthguyfsu in reply to Milhouse. | January 12, 2020 at 4:22 pm

      Without citizenship, it is far too likely for aliens to expatriate money from the U.S. to their actual country of origin.

      It creates the likelihood to create situations for alien pay to play vote schemes whereby one particular brand of political graft gives away free money and other valuables to non-citizens that then export that money.

      Do I have data to back this up? No, I don’t…just common sense. Besides, I thought I’d try your approach of firmly asserting your opinion as fact all of the dang time.

What kind of quid pro quo is Newsom receiving from his globalist masters?

When will this craziness end? 10,000,000 sane Californians [are there that many?] need to STOP paying their taxes, and/or show up in Sacramento with loaded rifles. There is strength in numbers. It is high time a large number of armed patriotic citizens bring this crisis to a crisis!

Antifundamentalist | January 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm

So, if anyone in the country can’t afford health care, all they need to do is travel to California and pretend that they are here illegally – can’t provide documentation because it was lost crossing the border…..brilliant!

health benefits for undocumented immigrants under the age of 26
no such thing. an immigrant has gone through an immigration process.
that MAKES them documented.
they are illegal aliens.
stop playing the word games.

    Milhouse in reply to dmacleo. | January 12, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    As a matter of correct English, that is not true. An immigrant is anyone who has immigrated, regardless of how he did so. Some immigrants do so legally, and some illegally, just as some people drive cars legally and some illegally, etc. You wouldn’t say an unlicensed driver is not a driver at all; he clearly is one, but one who has no legal right to drive.

    A better criticism is that most illegal immigrants are not undocumented at all. On the contrary, many of them have more documents than most native born citizens do — often in several names.

Another Voice | January 12, 2020 at 2:27 pm

Leslie; You do a great job covering “ya gotta hear what goes for good government in Calif!” Being an upstate New Yorker, we could use a YOU covering N.Y.State w/Cuomo/Albany and match play on the weekly reportings by means of a reader poll to see which state wins the run to the bottom for the worst administration and leadership and the largest screwing of the tax paying residents ?

Wasn’t he just whining up a storm about wanting federal money to help “fix” the homeless problem in CA? The same guy? He’s not a serious man.

I have been in healthcare for over 40 years including owning my own ambulance business. In Massachusetts, my company would go to a community hospital to transfer a patient with a heart attack to a cath lab hospital. Prior to Romney care, if that patient wasn’t insured Vegas odds says I eat that trip for no money. After Romney care, the state paid me Medicaid rates for the call. Now while I needed a ton of calls to break even with Medicaid money, it was better than no payment at all.

So when I hear about a governor getting more people insurance, I see small business people potentially seeing some income for a service as opposed to nothing. Do I think it is bad policy to give benefits to illegal aliens? Yes I do. Is it going to harm me in Massachusetts? No, it won’t. the politicians here do a good enough job of lining their pockets with my money, and California money problems don’t make it to here.

The expansion took effect New Year’s Day and will cost $98 million in the upcoming fiscal year.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that government cost projections are always disastrously wrong.

In the course of emigration reform to mitigate progress (e.g. refugee crises in social justice zones, human trafficking for immigration reform and #MeToo, children in Obama’s cages) at both ends of the bridge and throughout, an em-pathetic appeal may be an effective trick to gerrymander the vote.

98 million in a state of 40 million people is about $2.25 a head. They can’t even buy a box of generic band-aids for that. (but I bet they can hire a whole bunch of government employees)

Barry Soetoro | January 12, 2020 at 3:57 pm

Cut off all federal funds to CA until they opt to rejoin the Republic.

Just pray the system finally breaks before everything is lost. Nothing else will work apparently.

Newsome is not stupid, he’s evil. But that greatest sin which says “I know better how creation should be run”. Luciferian (they usually call themselves Promethean).

I wish there to be infinite money, so it must be true. I wish to help the worst off and these illegal seniors are so I will. The Citizens are privileged!

You will say this is crazy, but that is the thing about pride, the greater the pride, the more blind and deaf you become to reality. That whatever reason, logic, and evidence for the cause of the feces on the sidewalk, it can’t be my perfectly altrustic, smart, well intentioned and conceived policies! Must be racism or homophobia or something.

So he’s solved all of the other issues that California faces? Homelessness, taxes, out of state migration, crime, etc?

Free medical care for illegals who are old and sick sounds like a great advertisement for medical tourism, but, what did you say are the benefits to the USA in encouraging to attrack a flood of old, sick Mexicans seeking free medical care in the USA at taxpayer expense?

They keep coming up with ideas so bad, they never even crossed my mind.

With the departure of fellow liberals finding it impossible to keep up with the financial burdens and penalties of California occupancy, Newsome has decided to attract more illegals to keep the population up for house seats. This allows the vermin fleeing CA to infest more States with the insanity they destroyed CA with. And I have the unfortunate duty to travel there quite frequently.
My friends there tell me they have been in voting lines hundreds of people long and deep (multiple lines), where not a single person appeared to speak much English and not a single person was actually checked for voting status. They simply picked up a “provisional” ballot and it was thrown in with the rest.

Newsom is at the wheel, hitting the gas and aiming for the cliff.

Beware, all who are aboard.

gavin has ordered California state Departments and Agencies to come up with plans to house the homeless on California State properties. I can immediately think of 40 prime acres of California State land where dozens if not hundreds of homeless can relocate to. It’s called “California State Capitol Park.” C’mon Governor newsome, lead by example. Move the homeless onto the Capitol grounds. Don’t forget the lawns of the California State Supreme Court Grounds. The middle of the traffic circle can probably fit 20 or 30 tents. The State Treasury grounds can fit dozens more. The legislative office building has a very nice courtyard, I could get 40 tents in there. While we’re at it, the official Governor’s Mansion can house dozens. Have you considered letting the homeless set up on your personal property? Do you feel comfortable with them so close to your family? LEAD BY EXAMPLE for once in your life gavin. But I bet you won’t, because you’re not a leader and never have been. You’re a rich prck with a nice hairdo and the worst ideas imaginable.

The Friendly Grizzly | January 13, 2020 at 5:33 am

All of this talk (and action)!of free this, and free that reminds me of a child running for school president. He campaigns on a promise of ice cream with each cafeteria meal, and water fountains that dispense soft drinks.