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Yale Student Says School is ‘Saturated’ by Left-Wing Ideology

Yale Student Says School is ‘Saturated’ by Left-Wing Ideology

“unwarranted sense of moral superiority”

This student’s criticism was sparked by the recent protest at the Harvard/Yale football game.

FOX News reports:

Yale student pushes back on campus culture: School now ‘saturated’ by only left-wing ideology

A Yale student is pushing back against the culture on campus, arguing Monday that students are only being exposed to one set of ideas.

“Students need to be exposed to ideas that are uncomfortable to them to become better leaders. Yale is becoming saturated by a particular ideology and, when you become saturated by one ideology, it can stunt your intellectual and emotional growth,” said Esteban Elizondo, lamenting that climate protesters disrupted last weekend’s Harvard-Yale football game.

The Yale senior and research assistant told “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt that he believes the problems are not rooted with professors and faculty, but with the “non-academic bureaucracy that is suffocating the university with its leftist agendas.”

Elizondo said the protesters who stormed onto the field last Saturday have an “unwarranted sense of moral superiority” and are being “empowered” by university leaders.

Writing in a New York Post op-ed, Elizondo agreed with the characterization of the protest as “the college-version of a toddler’s meltdown,” adding he is “constantly stunned by the childish behavior of my peers, who are voting-age adults attending what is supposedly one of the most prestigious colleges in America.”

“This sense of immunity from the real world could be heard at last Saturday’s protest, where some students shouted “My father is a lawyer!” to police officers trying to persuade them off the field. These protesters did not sound like people who have faced true hardship or even learned the basics of a proper argument. But then again, why would they? They were taught to avoid all that at Yale,” he concluded in the piece.


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I’m not surprised. This sort of one-sided crap is endemic in today’s colleges and universities. A friend of mine in California is trying to finish off a degree program before leaving the state. He has been posting excerpts from the class syllabus, assignments and textbooks. It is all, without exception, 100% pure leftist dogma and propaganda.

When college biology departments begin to offer courses in Lysenkoism we will know that all is lost. Climate change as a discipline is pretty close to that right now.

My alma mater Cornell is the same, according to reports that I see. It hurts me to discourage my grandchildren from applying. Is Hillsdale the only school that has not succumbed?