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Ocasio-Cortez Complains She Has Too Many Healthcare Plans To Choose From

Ocasio-Cortez Complains She Has Too Many Healthcare Plans To Choose From

She’s lucky, because of Obamacare many Americans have too few to choose from.

The lack of self-awareness from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never fails to amaze me.

The congresswoman took to Twitter to complain she had way too many options to choose from when it comes to healthcare plans.

The poor woman had 66 choices! Oh, the humanity!

I wish I had 66 choices! I have many health problems, but I would prefer the insurance company to pay for my expensive rheumatoid arthritis medicines, Adderall for my narcolepsy, or emergencies. Thing is, I had more options until Obamacare came along.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to overhaul Obamacare and have universal healthcare for everyone.

She said that no person “should go without healthcare, and no one should go through this, either.”

Can someone inform Ocasio-Cortez that insurance is not healthcare?

Second, as I stated above, so many of us want those choices when it comes to insurance of any kind.

To make it worse, she is complaining about plans partially funded by you and me.

I’m not the only one:


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 16, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Communist Elitist OAC can pay for them – and as a Congress Critter she isn’t forced to anything under ObamaCare, correct?

    . . . and as a Congress Critter she isn’t forced to anything under ObamaCare, correct?

    Incorrect. They are required by law to buy their healthcare insurance through the Obamacare Insurance Market. The “gotcha” is that they have to buy the “Gold” plan (the best plan available) and that the monthly premiums are subsidized at least 75% or more by taxpayer money.

    And if I remember correctly the democrats managed to include their “staff” in the deal so they get the same benefits. Simply for being employed by a Representative or Senator.

      And this is part of the problem: why should Congresscritters get 75% subsidy when the rest of us don’t?

      We really need to pass an amendment that requires Congress to not exempt themselves in any way, nor to give themselves special carve-outs, under any law they pass.

      (Along with an amendment that single budget bills, requires the last budgets to be passed are the Presidency and the Congress, and requires those stopping a budget bill from passing to provide their own salaries/budget to pay any “essential personnel” during a shutdown.)

        Barry in reply to GWB. | December 16, 2019 at 6:36 pm

        Term limits – one term limit – solves most of these problems quite nicely.

          The area I live in has very few Medicare supplement plans most cost a fortune and don’t pay well. Would be thrilled to have 66 choices.

AOC should get Medicare.
I dare her. I double dog dare her.

You should see the choices in Medicare Advantage plans. It’s more than her meager 66.

Which is better?

A Democrat complaining that Obamacare is too complicated to understand?

“I don’t understand the law we passed … oooh my head hurts”

Or that markets can provide too many choices?

“Please can we have just one brand of cereal and shampoo so I don’t have to think? Please?”

Let’s hope Santa delivers a few more choice AOC quotes for Christmas.

I have a very simple solution to her problem, and it would improve the House Intelligence average by a substantial amount… she can resign. Go back to bar tending.
Her district is not all that happy with her, and that is as leftward a district as you can get.

The only thing – ONLY thing Obamacare got right for my situation, was to exempt Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) from the exchange. Before Obamacare, I was paying $800/mo. to remain on my wife’s insurance after she retired from teaching. A few months later Obamacare ( came on line (read: chronic 404 errors) and after meeting with local ‘exchange coordinators’ I was punted to the state Medicaid department where I got insurance for $450/mo. but with an astronomical deductible. Finally I spotted an article about HCSMs in a Christian publication and signed up for Christian Healthcare Ministeries out of Barberton, OH for $150/mo. with their “Brother’s Keeper” add-on to pay for people who go over the limit – about $25/mo. The only remaining Obamacare hassle is filling out IRS Form 8965 every year.

So thanks Obamacare – you blessed me by exempting me.

And poor AOC – young, healthy, lots of choices, getting away with campaign finance violations … such a poor picked on thing she is.

The solution to too many choices is to eliminate all but 3 at random. Just pick 3 of the 66, at random, and choose between those. Ignore the other 63. After all, that’s what you want the government to do; so just do it yourself. Sure, the ones you reject without consideration may all be better than any of the ones you chose to consider, but that’s no less likely when the government makes the choice. And this way those who like 5 choices, or 10, can simply eliminate the appropriate number, and those who aren’t frightened by 66 choices can take all day to consider all of them.

    I vaguely recall a 411 like cell phone service about 10 years ago, where you could call and ask the operator for a restaurant (etc) recommendation near your phone location. There was a flap about it having to do with what criteria the operator used to make the recommendations and the potential for showing favoritism. The recommendations had to be at random and the number restricted to 3. That died a quick death and now to utilize 411 you have to ask for the person/business by name to get their phone number. Memory is hazy on that one – not sure whether a national service or part of our local coverage network when I lived in the Midwest.

    I’m sure that would work equally for insurance plans through the exchange. 😉

I guess there are a lot of really bad reasons why a person might favor Socialism. “I’m too stupid to figure out what I need” has got to be the worst of them.

I actually find the insurance selection pretty hard. The information I am given are things like “Lab Tests, 30% coinsurance after deductible.” But with no information as to the cost of the lab tests, what does this mean to me? But I don’t sweat it, because a $6,000 deductible under the Affordable Care Act means that unless I have some major health issue, I will never get a dollar from the insurance company anyway. Fortunately, I have never reached $6,000 in medical expenses in any year.

[Well, because I was with Kaiser at the time, I think my prostrate biopsy cost me $30. The taxi to and from the hospital cost more than my cost for the procedure!! I have no idea what the market cost for this procedure would have been otherwise.]

    amatuerwrangler in reply to Geologist. | December 16, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Medical facilities should be required to post for the public the prices of every service they offer. Just like the auto repair shops. You get a diagnosis for the posted price of the service, and decide how much “cure” you wish to have, maybe based on cost.

    The current models, one way or another, have astronomical deductibles, Sso relatively healthy people end up paying large premiums (or their employer does) and they still end up paying almost of their routine care out-of-pocket. When I retired (many moons ago) I had the option of continuing, at my own expense,, the dental insurance my employer provided. It was (then) $110 per month and a quick run at 7th grade arithmetic told me that $110 times 12 was a lot more than than $70 twice a year for cleaning and exam. Its been 20 year,s and I have now not paid enough in premiums to cover anything that might come along now.

    Just tell us what something costs and we will decide if we want to spend the money.

      The bad part in all of this is the morphing of the term “insurance” into “health care coverage” and then into “health maintenance.” The first two are entirely different than the third. Insurance is exactly that, a protection against something big which will likely not happen. But the problem with insurance is that “healthy” people do not pay their fare share, as defined by liberals. So they eliminated the inexpensive plans with high deductibles and replaced it with a health maintenance option at 5-10X the cost. I am really ticked off that they describe it as something with high benefits, because how is it benefiting me if I never use it. Should I take advantage of it and get an annual colonoscopy? yea! I liked my plan and it was the first to go.

Hmmm. Complaining about 66 choices. That might mean that she’s noticed that they’re all pretty crappy. Otherwise, she’d just pick one—any one which was actually decent—and not worry about the others. No worries, then no complaints, and we’d never have heard about Alexandria’s Excellent Insurance Adventure.

66 crappy plans. Welcome to Socialism Lite.

I hope she opts for the plan with mental health care coverage.

She was required to have health insurance by law. Did she forget that?

AOC: Thinking is like, hard, and stuff.

AOC clearly has never mastered the art of speaking for herself.

Once a moron, always a moron.

Yeah I agree. Send her back to the bar she crawled out of.

Wonder how the mental midget would react it she only had 1 style of shoe or dress to choose from?

Her bar had too many drinks to choose from…..

Because in Ocrazios world choice is a bad thing.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse; having a cretin like this in CONgress or having enough cretins in her district to put her there in the first place. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. Occasional-Cortex is your typical lo-info DemoKKKRAT, long on rhetoric and promises. short on common sense and logic.

Her comments do not belong in the news or political section, they belong in the comics section.

The only people who complain about choices and options are the left.