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Michael Moore Predicts Trump Win in 2020: “his level of support has not gone down one inch”

Michael Moore Predicts Trump Win in 2020: “his level of support has not gone down one inch”

Moore also thinks that Trump could lose the popular vote by “four to five” million votes

Back in October of 2016, Michael Moore predicted that President Trump would win that year’s presidential election and that it would be the biggest “F—ck You” in human history.

This year, he is predicting another Trump win, this time because “his level of support has not gone down one inch.”

Moore also says that the Democrats can win this time only by nominating someone like socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Moore endorsed Sanders earlier this year.

Fox News reports:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore argued that President Trump could be on his way to another electoral victory, claiming his support hasn’t dropped “one inch” in the Midwestern battlegrounds that are key to the 2020 presidential contest.

At the same time, Moore used that warning to make his case for a candidate like Bernie Sanders — whom he’s endorsed — urging Democrats not to nominate another “Republican-lite” candidate like former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

While suggesting his party still has a fighting chance, Moore said that if the 2020 elections were held today, Trump would lose the popular vote by a bigger margin than he did in 2016 but still win the electoral vote.

“I think if the election were held today — Hillary won by 3 million popular votes. I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes,” Moore told Democracy Now in an interview posted on Thursday.

“There’s no question in my mind that people who stayed home, who sat on the bench, they’re going to pour out, in California, and New York and — you know, but also in Texas and whatever, I mean, places that Trump will probably win, but, yeah, there’s going to be a much higher percentage of people voting against him.”

. . . . “The problem is, if the vote were today, I believe, he would win the electoral states that he would need, because, living out there, I will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch. In fact, I’d say it’s even more rabid than it was before — because they’re afraid now. They’re afraid he could lose.”

President Trump responded to the report noting that Moore had made the same prediction in 2016.

Moore, quite hilariously (and predictably), pretended that winning the popular vote is somehow more important than winning the Electoral College.  The latter, of course, is how one wins the presidency.

Sadly for Moore and his stompy-foot lefty brethren, the Electoral College is all that matters.

And that, for Trump in 2016, was a blowout.


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What is his prediction on how long the buffet will last once he arrives?

Trump loosing the popular vote will be due to allowing illegals to vote in NY, CA and IL. Given that fact, just consider the popular vote to be illegitimate. Of course it is irrelevant constitutionally, but leftist use this as a talking point to illigitimize the opposition when they lose.

    puhiawa in reply to technerd. | December 29, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    California does indeed have hundreds of thousands apparently voting according to eye witnesses. It also does vote harvesting of people who have moved. Florida actually uses the inactive voters list to manufacture votes. Hence the inability of Dade, Miami and Broward to get results in one time. They need to know who did not vote. In Michigan, they simply falsify the tally.

      Tom Servo in reply to puhiawa. | December 30, 2019 at 12:41 am

      Agreed. Moore’s estimate of the “popular” vote totals may turn out to be correct, since it’s simply an estimate as to how many fraudulent votes California is going to pump into the system. They might as well say they have Eleventy Billion votes against Trump, why not? California’s voting system is now completely corrupted, none of their totals mean anything anymore.

JusticeDelivered | December 29, 2019 at 8:19 pm

I grew up in the same community as Moore, my father used to markup and grade his articles to show me how to write. They were covered in red ink. Since my natural talents were in science and math, it took me a very long time to improve my writing.

Hence the push to allow illegals to vote as they already do in New Mexico, California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Georgia.

    Observer in reply to puhiawa. | December 29, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    Hey, don’t blame us Arizonans. We have tried repeatedly to stop the illegal aliens’ abuse of our system, only to be shot down by the federal courts (including SCOTUS) again and again.

“… urging Democrats not to nominate another “Republican-lite” candidate like former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.“


Ah, the great michael moore, his opinion always important to….nobody.

“the Electoral College is all that matters”


Baseball has its own version of the Electoral College, viz., the World Series. The first team to win 4 games is baseball’s champions. A memorable example of how baseball’s EC works is provided by the 1960 World Series, a modern day David-Goliath battle. The Pirates beat baseball’s dreaded juggernaut of the day, the formidable NY Yankees, winning 4 games to the Yankee’s 3. Though the Yankees won the popular vote, wildly outscoring the Pirates, 55 runs to 27, the Pirates were crowned “Champions.”

    JusticeDelivered in reply to fscarn. | December 30, 2019 at 8:32 am

    It appears that Hillary and all her staff did not understand that the Electoral College mattered, just as they do not understand that it is their fault that they lost.

Let’s hope the Fat Fraud is correct.

The best part of this is he’ll be pissed off every minute of every day for the next 5 years. I imagine his blood pressure is about to make his head pop like a melon…

He made same prediction in 2016. Nobody ever said Michael was stupid!

Not stupid, but still unable to even see the situation; to him it can’t exist, therefore it doesn’t. Only crazy troglodytes would vote for Trump, and they’ll do it the next time ’round. The idea that a vote for Trump could be a rational choice is simply not one which enters his mind. So anti-Trumpers who, noticing his successes and his almost unique willingness to follow his campaign promises, might make perfectly rational choices to vote for him in 2020. This is why I expect the number of Trump voters to increase. This mechanism would never even occur to Moore.

George Orwell noticed the same conceptual flaw in H.G. Wells’s thinking about Hitler. As a rationalist (and one-time Fabian), Wells couldn’t see what he’d consider a medieval throwback having any place in the modern world. Therefore, Hitler could only be a mere noise, and not a deadly menace. Interesting paper, like most of Orwells’s work. (Wells, Hitler and the World State; 1941.)

    Petrushka in reply to tom_swift. | December 30, 2019 at 9:44 am

    It’s true that populists are to be feared. Even more so when they become the establishment.

    Trump is a one off. I doubt if his approach can be sustained.

Unknown3rdParty | December 30, 2019 at 8:27 am

Trump’s “level of support has not gone down one inch” because the level of attacks from the Left (Socialists, Communists, Marxists aka Democrats) against all that is right and good–religion, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, America–has only increased.

B-B-B-Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Meanwhile Trump predicts a heart attack in 2020 for this flatulent blob of blubber

buckeyeminuteman | December 30, 2019 at 11:01 am

I went to Ohio State and in 2004 the College Republicans held an eating contest entitled “Who Can Eat More Than Michael Moore?” The Bush twin daughters came and spoke and a kid wore a big flip flop costume in honor of John Kerry. The whole thing was a pretty fun time.

Look at the 2016 election results by county and it’s even more of a curbstomp. Overcrowded islands of blue in a sea of republired.

    I like to point out that Hillary only won around 16% of the counties in the country.

    And a “Popular Vote” system would doom us to that same 16% choosing our President every time

    Puts things in a bit more light

” if Dems don’t nominate the progressive candidate and get the base out to vote.” And he’s at least half-right there, as the Democratic base will turn out in huge numbers regardless of who the Dem. candidate is, just to vote against Trump.

In 2016 candidate Trump surely benefited from the assumption that Clinton was the sure winner. 2020 is Red Queen time for Trump: he’ll have to do better (in 2020) just to do as well (as he did in 2016).

There is more high fidelity evidence of voter fraud than there are of Russia collusion, obstruction of justice, and quid pro quo combined.