Israel is set to present Iran’s violation of the nuclear agreement to the United Nations Security Council later this month, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz confirmed on Thursday.

“Iran is developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload while violating UN Security Council resolutions,” he said.

The Israeli response comes a day after Britain, France, and Germany accused Tehran of developing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution. Tehran, which is advancing an elaborate nuclear and balletic missiles program, has repeatedly threatened to annihilate Israel.

“Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz today instructed the ministry’s representatives to present the complete list of Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement at the forthcoming meeting of the United Nations Security Council,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “The meeting, which is expected to take place on Thursday, 19 December 2019, will deal with Iranian violations of the agreement.”

Tehran’s nuclear missiles program is “inconstant” with the UN Security Council resolution that endorsed the 2015 Iran deal, the three European signatories to the nuclear agreement stated in a letter to the international body on Wednesday. “France, Germany and the United Kingdom assert once again our firm conclusion that Iran’s development of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles and related technologies is inconsistent” with the provisions in the UN resolution, the countries said.

“We welcome the letter presented by France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which states that Iran is developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload while violating UN Security Council resolutions,” Katz said on Thursday. “This confirms what Israel has been claiming all along. Only an effective military threat posed against Iran will deter and curb its aggression.”

The news website Times of Israel reported Israeli response to Tehran’s rogue nuclear missile program on Thursday:

Foreign Minister Israel Katz on Thursday called for a military coalition of Western and Arab nations, headed by the United States, to intimidate Iran into curbing its missile development and its “aggressiveness.”

Katz was responding to a letter sent the day before by France, Germany and the United Kingdom to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in which the countries warned that “Iran’s developments of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles” go against a UN Security Council resolution calling on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to such missiles.

“The required step now is presenting an effective military threat of a Western-Arab coalition, led by the US, against the Iranian regime, in order to rein in and stop its aggressiveness,” Katz tweeted. “This is the decisive moment.”

Katz later issued a statement saying he instructed his office to present all of Tehran’s violations of the nuclear agreement at an upcoming UN Security Council meeting on the implementation of the 2015 resolution on the deal. (…)

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for increased action against Iran, indicating that the recent unrest in the Islamic Republic offers an opportunity to topple the regime.

In the face of growing Iranian aggression, Washington has backed Israel’s efforts at the international stage. U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to discuss “the threat from Iran,” the White House said.

Netanyahu met with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday in Lissabon, Portugal.

“Iran’s aggression is growing, but its empire is tottering,” he said ahead of his meeting, “And I say: let’s make it totter even further.”

The revelations of Tehran’s rogue nuclear missile program come at a time when leading European countries are lining up to appease the Islamic regime. Last week, six European countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Scandinavian countries, joined the European payment mechanism that aims to bypass U.S. sanctions against the regime. Britain, Germany, and France are the leading promoters of the payment system. The economic rewards from Europe coincide with Tehran’s bloody clampdown on anti-regime protests, gunning down hundreds of unarmed demonstrators in the last two weeks.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Pompeo talk Iranian aggression, Mideast tensions.

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