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FIRE Criticizes Long Island U. for Free Speech Policy That Demands ‘Respect for Authority’

FIRE Criticizes Long Island U. for Free Speech Policy That Demands ‘Respect for Authority’

“a serious chilling effect”

All I can think of is Cartman from South Park demanding respect for his authority.

Campus Reform reports:

Free speech experts slam university for policy requiring “respect for authority”

A student at Long Island University Post was gearing up for his May graduation when he found himself under investigation for alleged possession and distribution of forbidden flyers that broke a rule against “respect for authority.” The case has now caught the attention of free speech advocates who say the policy violates its students’ rights to free expression.

Student Jake Gutowitz was called to a meeting with Associate Director of LIU Promise Nicole Thomas, who claimed the flyers went against the LIU Ethos Statements regarding “respect for authority” and were a violation of LIU Post Code of Conduct.

The flyers were part of a series labeled “Common Sense” and appearedon campus throughout the school year. The series featured satire and criticism of University President Kimberly Cline, as well as complaints regarding administration, mold in buildings, high administration salaries, poor campus food quality, and restrictions on freedom of speech. LIU Spokesman Gordon Tepper called the flyers, “sexist trash” that “speak[] to a disturbed individual.

Gutowitz says he was aware of the flyers but did not have anything to do with their creation or distribution.

Upon meeting with Thomas and Assistant Dean of Students Jean Anne Smith, Gutowitz was told that the meeting had been called after a report from “anonymous student” that Gutowitz was behind the fliers…

“First, the allegations against Gutowitz were unfounded and concerned conduct that occurred months before he was accused. LIU Post’s choice to investigate this alleged conduct only months later, and when nearing the eve of his graduation, had a serious chilling effect on his speech. Gutowitz himself was rightly concerned the investigation could affect his ability to graduate,” wrote FIRE.


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The only president you can criticize in hateful ways on Campus is Trump.

Now, I actually agree with a concept that free speech should have some respect for authority. If everything is working right, then you should show respect when the campus policeman says “you have to take that down.” You should show respect when debating the college president about various things.

It’s called manners.

Unfortunately, as is demonstrated here, I really can’t assume that’s what they mean when they include this in a “speech code” nowadays. Heck, you can’t even use proper manners anymore because they’re patriarchal or “acting white” or some other nonsense tossed out by the progressive acolytes. *sigh*

“Possession” of the fliers cannot be considered a crime or violation of the Ethics Code.

I wish FIRE’s focus was kept on the First Amendment, and not on such bullshit as the claim of an alleged “delay” by the campus authorities. Big F’ing Deal that the “crime” took place two months earlier!! That is not a defense and is not a relevant issue.