When people on the left lash out in this way, it does not make them appear confident.

The College Fix reports:

Rutgers prof: Fox News and the GOP are ‘existential threats’ to the country

A professor of education at Rutgers University is but the latest example of an academic who feels it appropriate to discard all sense of decorum on social media in order to bash a sizable segment of the American public.

Catherine Lugg of the Department of Educational Theory, Policy, and Administration took to Twitter recently to refer to supporters of the Second Amendment as “gun/Moloch worshippers” and part of a “death cult.”

“At this point, I don’t think ANY civilian should own/have access to any fire arms [sic], period,” Lugg wrote on November 14. The prof has called the Second Amendment “insane,” claiming “No other country indulges in an 18th century death cult.”

Numerous times on Twitter Lugg has advocated for the repeal of the amendment, noting the “The US Constitution must NOT be a suicide pact.” (Give her some credit here — at least she realizes a repeal is the only (legal) means by which gun rights can be eliminated.)

The irony of this stance is that Lugg believes the United States is a “crypto-fascist republic,” something which she has “long argued.” And with the Russians’ “purchase” of the Republican Party (and some Democrats), she says, we’re “sliding towards the real thing.” (Lugg actually wrote “Soviet” instead of “Russian” in her tweet; good thing she doesn’t teach politics or history.)

The Twitter account is now protected, but this is what was tweeted on 11/22/19:

At this point, Fox is openly fascist. They and the GOP are existential threats to the USA.


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