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Elise Stefanik’s Stardom is Born

Elise Stefanik’s Stardom is Born

“President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping this wonderful Ambassador nominee before her confirmation. And yet our Democratic colleagues and the Chairman of this Committee cry foul when we dare ask that same question that the Obama State Department was so concerned about.”

Elise Stefanik is from New York’s 21st District.

We’re not talking Manhattan here, it’s the north country, covering the Adirondack Mountains from the Vermont border to the east and the Canadian border to the north and west.

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For those of you who go way back with Legal Insurrection, NY-21 was a hot topic here in 2009 when Republican infighting and subterfuge handed the seat to Democrat Bill Owens in a Special Election defeat of conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. It was more important to state Republicans that a Tea Party insurgent lose than that Republicans hold the seat. Owens barely hung on to the seat in 2010 and 2012, but chose not to run for reelection in the 2014 cycle.

Stefanik won the seat in 2014, at age 30. At the time, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Stefanik has won re-election pretty easily every since.

Stefanik has not received a lot of national media attention until recently.

Her performance at the impeachment hearings today has catapulted her to national prominence. She was just sooooooo gooooood.

I can watch these videos over and over. And probably will.

First, she took on Schiff. But because she’s Republican, Schiff received media cheers not scorn for trying to shut her up.

She took Schiff to the woodshed over his flip flop on having the so-called Whistleblower testify:

She score a substantive home run by pointing out that the Obama administration was concerned about Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine, so much so that she was prepped on the subject in advance of her Senate confirmation hearings. So why, she asked, is it wrong when Republicans to have the same concerns about Hunter Biden that the Obama administration had?

“President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping this wonderful Ambassador nominee before her confirmation. And yet our Democratic colleagues and the Chairman of this Committee cry foul when we dare ask that same question that the Obama State Department was so concerned about.”

Here she pointed out that Trump, not Obama, finally provided Ukraine with defensive military aid.

Stefanik shared center stage at the post-hearing press conference:

The best measure of how effective was is that the media is mocking and attacking her, and #TheResistance is launching fundraising for her 2020 challenger.

A Star Was Born today. A Girl from the North Country.


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My childhood district. Hard to believe they actually let a Democrat warm that seat for even a minute.

    Edward in reply to txvet2. | November 16, 2019 at 7:47 am

    I was in the district when DDE was President. I go back summers now and it most certainly isn’t the same as it was. Opening the prison in Watertown resulted in many relatives and girlfriends of prisoners from the City moving to Watertown to be near. Opening Drum as a permanent post for the 10th Mountain also resulted in change (though of a mostly different kind).

Dems: help us raise money to stuff the ballot box today!

It sickens me no end to hear these fulsome comments thanking these lifelong hacks for “their public service.”

These people are nothing higher than bumbling boobs with their snouts deep into taxpayer-financed troughs. They knew they couldn’t make in the dreaded private sector – working hard, being accountable – so they got a job with the government.

When the rest of the country has a recession, Wash DC is business as usual. Never, never, does government ever cinch its belt. When taxpayers resist more taxes, these hacks and politicians accuse us of being selfish.

    fscarn in reply to pfg. | November 15, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    A career high for these clowns is getting the coveted invitation to become a member of the CFR – NWO Central – where the most hated phrase is “America First.”

    JimWoo in reply to pfg. | November 15, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Very good. So true in IL too.

    RodFC in reply to pfg. | November 15, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Never mind that for her “selfless public service” she gets to be one of the 1%.

    Massinsanity in reply to pfg. | November 16, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    and don’t forget the pension… something most of us will never see. The peasants can fight over whatever scraps are left once the Social Security Ponzi scheme runs out of money while the swamp creatures laugh all the way to the bank with lifelong six figure pensions and taxpayer funded healthcare to boot.

Stefanik is great!

Not only then. Her questioning on Wednesday was excellent, and her statement at the press conference afterwards.

Trey Gowdy has NY cousin?

They all know her now! Well done!

see gets called back and sets up shop at Georgetown, thereby double dipping the paychecks, back on American soil, counting down the days to retirement as well.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

She’s been wrecking the democrats for awhile now…

Watch Admiral Mike Rogers here. Admiral Rogers wants to choke comey out for comey’s horrendous lies.

It’s nice to see that the next generation of Republican leaders will be far more intelligent and have stiffer spines than our current bucket of worms. As far as the Children of the Corn threatening to take over the Democrat Party, it’s going to be a beat down if they even survive past the next election.

The more GOP swamp rats I see retiring, the more confident that Trump will drastically drain the swamp by the time he is done.

Connivin Caniff | November 16, 2019 at 6:42 am

In general, the Republicans,and their attorney performed horribly. Their major strategy was to join idiotically in the deification of the witness, rather than repeatedly pointing out that Obama summarily dismissed all the Bush appointed ambassadors,that Yovanovitch’s 3 year appointment was only shortened by 90 days, and that, in any event, Yovanovitch had worn out her welcome in the Ukraine by improperly supporting the new President’s opponent in the election! So now this mediocre bureaucrat is unjustifiably a female icon, and hero of suburban women, thanks to republican fecklessness. What a debacle.

Reformed Trombonist | November 16, 2019 at 7:59 am

“despicable partisanship” means Republican or conservative.

The same behavior or worse from the Left is called “statesmanlike.”

Gotta watch those adjectives.

She is a born trial lawyer, even if she’s not educated as one. (When I looked her up on Wikipedia, I said to myself, incorrectly, “She has to be a lawyer.” She has a mere B.A. from Harvard.) Her questioning of Yovanovich is a textbook tutorial of cross-examination. If Lincoln “read for the law,” she can, too, and should be admitted to the bar. In proper cross-exam, according to a teacher of mine, it’s the examiner who testifies; the witness merely agrees with the examiner’s statements. Because that’s what they are: statements, disguised as questions. Watch the video again and you’ll see what I mean.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 16, 2019 at 3:17 pm

Jesse Watters On Maria Yovanovitch:

Poor Baby, Under Obama, Ambassadors Were ‘Coming Back In Body Bags’

GOP women tend to be she wolves. With fangs.

#3 in the Congressional leadership is Liz Cheney.

The left hires on the basis of victim status.

The right on the basis of competence and effectiveness.

Wait until Amey Comey-Barret replaces RBG!

NYC native and now North Country resident here. Tedra Cobb won a nasty five-way Dem primary in 2018 with 53% and lost to Elise by 6 points in a great Dem year. Even though the field has been cleared for her for the rematch, I don’t think she can make it in the reddest district in NY, if she couldn’t do it last time, and especially now with Elise’s new star power.

Still, there are some blue patches in the district, and even in my very red small town there have been new arrivals with the familiar accent (and unfortunately, the same voting habits), so long term I’m not so sure.

Looking further out I see the Dems most promising candidate in Assemblyman Billy Jones of Malone. If I were Elise I’d be doing oppo research on him even now.