It has been a while since we have heard anything about Evergreen State, but it doesn’t sound like much has changed.

The College Fix reports:

As Evergreen State’s enrollment continues to tank, it hosts white-blaming ‘equity symposium’

You remember The Evergreen State College, right? It became fodder for national headlines in 2017 as a result of the massive fallout over its Day of Absence observance in which white people were asked to stay off campus for a day.

Soon after, its enrollment began to take a nosedive. Two years later, it’s still tanking.

The latest figures posted on its website show that this school year, 2019-20, the college has enrolled 2,854 students — that’s down from 4,089 in 2016. (The graph was calculated by the college on October 28. The top line is the student headcount and the bottom line is the number of full time equivalent students).

So what has the college’s administrators done to right the course? Well, certainly not scaled back on anti-white programming.

In mid-November the college hosted the “Evergreen Equity Symposium” that featured a parade of workshops that blamed white people, white fragility, white supremacy, whiteness, racism, institutional racism and unconscious bias for most of the ills in America today.

The fact that the university has apparently learned nothing from its national spanking two years ago is not lost on Benjamin Boyce, an Evergreen alumnus who has chronicled the college’s ongoing trainwreck in a series of YouTube videos…

“Evergreen’s enrollment is tanking,” Boyce said. “They are now at 40 percent less enrollment than they were when the protests happened. This year’s freshman enrollment is 260 students. It should be 1,000 students.”


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