Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has had an unexpectedly successful run on the TV series Dancing With the Stars.

His continued presence on the show is confusing and outraging progressives, who revile him.

The funny thing is that Spicer is not a great dancer by any stretch, but conservative viewers keep voting for him in an effort to troll liberals. It’s working.

Andrew Stiles provides this tongue-in-cheek report at the Washington Free Beacon:

Dance Legend Sean Spicer Causes Bitter Libs to Lose Faith in Democracy

Sean Spicer must be getting tired of winning. The beloved former White House press secretary advanced to the next round on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars on Monday thanks to the overwhelming support of the voting public.

Spicer’s nautically themed jazz routine was panned by the so-called judges, but the will of the people carried the day after President Donald Trump urged Americans to cast votes for his former aide.

Spicer’s success on the dance floor has, predictably, caused the nation’s libs to lose their degenerate minds and abandon their faith in direct democracy. Aggrieved Trump haters have become increasingly agitated as popular support continues to propel Spicer towards an inevitable victory in spite of his low scores.

See Trump’s tweet below:

Even the New York Times has written about Spicer’s continued presence on the show:

While Trump’s tweets are definitely helping Spicer, there’s another person on Twitter who has made Spicer’s success a personal mission. The user known as ‘Comfortably Smug’ refers to his loyal followers as his minions. Together they vote for Spicer every week and then gloat about it.

Here’s an example of the left’s reaction to Spicer:

Again, one of the funniest aspects of this is the fact that Spicer really isn’t a great dancer. Watch his performance on the last episode and judge for yourself:

Featured image via YouTube.


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