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Berkeley Chancellor Promotes Anti-Hate Event Scheduled at Same Time as Ann Coulter Visit

Berkeley Chancellor Promotes Anti-Hate Event Scheduled at Same Time as Ann Coulter Visit

“angry polarized times”

The College Republicans at UC-Berkeley invited Ann Coulter. The College Democrats organized an anti-hate event scheduled for the same time.

Campus Reform reports:

Berkeley chancellor promotes College Dems’ ‘hate rally’ slated during same time as Ann Coulter speech

In an email framed as an encouragement to students to stand against “hate,” the chancellor of the University of California-Berkeley encouraged students to attend a number of events, including an organized protest during conservative author Ann Coulter’s visit to campus.

This week marks the annual “United Against Hate Week” in the Bay Area, and UC-Berkeley plans on playing an integral role in promoting the week’s events across the bay, as well as hosting several events on campus, according to an email Chancellor Carol Christ sent to all members of the campus community Monday morning. Christ’s email referenced today’s “angry polarized times” and encouraged students to attend several events that are “designed to catalyze the awareness and actions necessary to confront hatred in its every form.”

The Chancellor attached a list of relevant events, compiled and hosted by the official “United Against Hate Week” website. These events include one on immigration, an “Islamophobia Awareness Workshop” at city hall, a “Candlelight Vigil for Lives Lost to Transgender Violence,” and a “Transgender Day of Remembrance Service.”

Also included on the list of promoted events was the“UC Berkeley United Against Hate Rally,” which is set to take place during Wednesday’s campus lecture by Ann Coulter, hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans. The event description linked by the chancellor specifically states that the promoted protest is being organized by a “coalition of students from Cal Berkeley Democrats” and other on-campus groups.

The email went on to stress the “priority” Chancellor Christ “place[s] on creating a culture of belonging at Berkeley, without which we cannot sustain our Principles of Community or fulfill our academic mission.”


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The upside is if they attend those events the people who actually want to hear Ann Coulter can do so because the nimrods won’t be there attempting to shout her down.