There’s been a ton of speculation lately about Hillary jumping into the 2020 race. College students are not interested.

Campus Reform reports:

College students are ‘sick and tired’ of Hillary Clinton

Amid growing speculation that twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could make yet a third run for the White House in 2020, Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret went to George Washington University in the nation’s capital to ask students there if they would vote for her.

The overwhelming majority of students who spoke with Neret said they would not vote for Clinton if she jumps into the already crowded 2020 Democrat presidential primary. To discuss possible reasons that students have these feelings toward Clinton, Neret joined Fox Business Network on Friday.

“Much like the rest of America is that far-left campus students really do hate Hillary Clinton,” Neret said. “For most of their lives, Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye and they’re just sick and tired of her. They want something else. They want new blood.”

He added that because “a lot of college students are drifting toward the far-left just like the mainstream Democratic party,” Clinton would “have a hard time getting these young voters, these millennial voters, who again, are sick and tired of her.”

“They’re sick and tired of the status quo and establishment politicians,” Neret said.


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