Shepard Smith just announced that he is resigning from Fox News effective immediately.

I can’t say I’m surprised.

Shep became unwatchable, barely containing his Trump hatred. I tuned in the other day, a rare occurrence, but turned the channel to the *more reasonable* MSNBC — at least there you know what you are getting. My few minutes of Shep was non-stop snark and snide comments.

Shep also has teamed with Andrew Napolitano to promote impeachment and to attack Tucker Carlson and other evening lineup stars.

It couldn’t last. And it didn’t.

Here’s his on-air announcement:


Already the conspiracy theories are being peddled that Attorney General Bill Barr had a hand in forcing Shep out. Raw Story was quick out of the gate with the conspiracy:

Mark Hamill spread the Raw Story story to his 3 million followers:

Here’s a CNN Reporter suggesting the same:

And this CNN contributor:

And CNN Legal Analyst and host Renato Mariotti:

Chris Hayes, an MSNBC primetime host, spread the conspiracy theory in a widely shared tweet:

Cheri Jacobus asserts that “Barr ordered Murdoch to fire him.”

Boing Boing says it may not be “coincidence” that Barr met with Murdoch recently:

Even local news KXAN in Austin is focusing on the Barr meeting:

The Barr conspiracy theory is spreading pretty quickly among the Russia collusion crowd, including *someone* with the last name Pelosi:

Kathy Griffin couldn’t stay away:

And this conspiracy theory dumpster fire would not complete without some fake (and now retracted) news:

[The title of this post was changed after publication]


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