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Report: Dem Groups Organizing to Push Public Support toward Impeachment

Report: Dem Groups Organizing to Push Public Support toward Impeachment

“Outside groups on the left are coordinating to build public support and pressure GOP senators”

Democrat groups are reportedly organizing in order to build public support for impeachment and to pressure GOP senators to vote for removal from office.

In an article entitled, “Dems scramble to counter Trump with grassroots impeachment campaign:  Outside groups on the left are coordinating to build public support and pressure GOP senators as Democrats get fully behind impeachment,” Politico details a meeting of over 100 Democrat activists who are focused on “selling” the American public on impeaching President Trump.

Politico reports:

More than 100 Democrats gathered on a Wednesday call to get the party organized on an existential question: How to sell the public on impeaching President Donald Trump.

For several years, the impeachment push has been defined by activists beating the drum on Trump — and powerful Democrats in Washington ignoring their calls. But in the two weeks since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry, this organizational hub has sprouted in Washington, commissioning polling, sponsoring ads and trying to guide the energy in the party toward a message and result the public will support, while counteracting a blistering, expensive anti-impeachment campaign from Trump and the Republican National Committee.

At the center of the emerging movement are several progressive groups that boast big memberships, including Indivisible and MoveOn, that have been joined by an array of other groups spanning the Democratic Party. Outside strategists including Zac Petkanas, former director of rapid response for Hillary Clinton, have started aiding the effort.

“It’s going to be very intense. It’s all hands on deck for grassroots folks and everybody in D.C.,” said Meagan Hatcher-Mays, director at the grassroots organization Indivisible.

On the one hand, this is good news.  If they are organizing, they are worried.  This suggests that Democrats are not yet satisfied that there is sufficient public support to commence with a formal (i.e. actual) impeachment in the House, the kind that requires a vote.

The failure to hold a House vote, the increasing secrecy of the impeachment “inquiry,” and the raw display of Democrat double standards and hypocrisy are harming Democrats in their latest attempt to nullify the 2016 election over President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was against impeachment before she was for it.  And she had a good reason for opposing it: without public support, impeachment is a non-starter.

In March, I blogged that Pelosi stated, “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

That was true then, and it’s true now.  Thus, the proposed assault on the public by assorted Democrat and progressive groups.

While it’s good news on the one hand, it’s bad news on the other.  The left excels at organizing and at nudging public perception.  It also excels at pressuring politicians with a barrage of phone calls, letters, emails, texts, web and television ads, and etc.

Politico covers how these tactics will come into play in the ongoing effort to shift both public support and that of GOP senators toward not only impeachment but removal from office.

Democratic organizations are beginning to launch ad campaigns to counter Trump’s lead and make the case to voters that he should be impeached. Need to Impeach has already begun spending $3.1 million targeting Senate Republicans on impeachment. The ads no longer feature the group’s former leader, Tom Steyer, who is now running for president, and instead target individual senators: “Tell Susan Collins to put country over party,” one ad airing in Maine says.

The progressive digital organization ACRONYM this week launched a $1 million online campaign focused on impeachment in five swing states, and Indivisible and MoveOn are among the other organizations also considering running media campaigns. Need to Impeach plans to air more ads and ACRONYM is considering expanding its advertising to a national scale.

. . . . Several of the groups with grassroots members feel Democrats will have the votes they need to impeach Trump in the House, so they are already looking to pressure Republican senators to break ranks with their party and vote to remove Trump from office.

Indivisible, which has 5,000 local chapters, has outlined plans to target 13 Republican senators, including several vulnerable lawmakers up for reelection, such as Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, as well as retiring Sens. Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Pat Roberts of Kansas, and select others who have been critical of Trump, such as Sen. Mitt Romney ofUtah [sic].

In addition to tapping organizers in those senators’ states, Indivisible and other groups have begun using phone banking and peer-to-peer texting to allow out-of-state volunteers to rally support across state lines. Some of that work started during the congressional recess, though leaders from grassroots organizations said they are preparing members for a lengthy, intense issue campaign.

The left also, obviously, has the full force and weight of the leftstream media at its disposal to keep the pressure on the public and on GOP senators.  It is tempting to dismiss this weapon as hoisted by its own petard of dishonesty and hackery, but there are broad swaths of the American public who do not share the right’s skepticism of (once) well-regarded news outlets.

It is not clear that the right has an effective means of countering this sort of massive, organized effort by Democrats and their allies.  Perhaps it should.


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Tired of watching Democrat party militia rat-pack innocent people?

Near the end of the video the 120 pound female learned two hard lessons. Never go out of your way to screw with people because you may get punched in the face. Getting punched in the face hurts. A lot.

Of course they are. They can’t win an election, so they have to bring out the crazies to try and get their way. It will get worse before it gets better.

Don’t have twitter

The Democrats are well-organized, and well-funded. There isn’t a grass root anywhere near them. We have a handful of families who have found means to feed off of our tax funds, and they are angry because the gravy train was stopped.

They should be careful what they wish for. If there is a genuine impeachment trial with due process, DJT gets discovery.

“Outside groups on the left are coordinating to build public support and pressure GOP senators”

I though the entire leftist media sailed that ship out of port three years ago…

The Democrats’ credibility about impeachment is zero except with their true believers. They’ve been screaming impeachment since before President Trump was even inaugurated. Nothing has changed since then except their pretext for doing so. As each laughably transparent hoax has collapsed, they’ve moved on to a new one.

Whether pro-Trump or not, any intelligent person must recognize that Democrats just hate the guy — and America.

All that “public support”, “sway public opinion”, “divide the country”, blah blah is inconsequential, since the public doesn’t vote on impeachment. The only relevant factor here is a gaggle of weak-kneed senators. How may of them can be bribed with the prospect of re-election, and how many can be convinced that the Dems can deliver it?

    CKYoung in reply to tom_swift. | October 13, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    The public does indeed get a vote on impeachment. Two actually. First, the ballot box/elections. The Second (literally) and I hope it never comes to it; our Founding Fathers knew the day could come that a tyrannical government would attempt to seize power away from the people. We are in the midst of this right now. The intel committee was chosen for the impeachment push because 1. The intel community was responsible for starting and running spygate. 2. The democrats think they can use “national security” as an excuse to deny transparency. 3. adam schiff knows the entire spygate story and will continue to protect the democrats at all costs. The problem is PDJT knew how they were going to play this game, and they have never seen anyone or anything like him. Impeachment and spygate are going to backfire so spectacularly, there will no longer be a democrat party after 2020.

My question is – if the report is released on Friday 18 October, what in the report will relate to ending the farce of General Flynn’s 18 December proposed sentencing?

I suspect the report will have a lot about General Flynn’s case. And it won’t be good news for the prosecutors.

Paul Ryan did this. Intentionally. Refused to allow the House subpoena power…in order to protect the swamp he is now part of. He was and is a liar.

The Rat Party pushes toward impeachment — with no charge and no case. They can’t even say what President Trump did wrong, except with vague apocalyptic-sounding remarks like “he shredded the Constitution” or “he violated every norm of the office” or “he’s destroying the republic.”

And to try to drag the public into following these would-be election overturners, they have to lie about what the country at large is thinking. Even Fox News is now giving us fake polls that grossly oversample Democrats just so they can say that more than half the country wants to see Trump impeached and removed from office.

    Tom Servo in reply to Aitch748. | October 14, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Fredo Cuomo stated on the air the other day what has become Democrat thinking – he said quite openly that impeachment wasn’t meant to apply to real crimes, it was meant to apply to “Political Crimes” – his exact words. Of course it’s idiotic, but that’s what they all think now.

    And what is a political crime? Saying Mean Things about Democrats, of course!!

“Outside groups on the left are coordinating to build public support and pressure GOP senators”

They did the same thing during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and it worked out so well for them it stopped the confirmation cold and it explains why Kavanaugh is currently NOT a Supreme Court justice.

Oh, wait…

Paul In Sweden | October 14, 2019 at 2:50 am

Impeachment means Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Rice, Biden, Joe Hunter Biden etc, etc, etc can all be forced to testify under oath live on TV on the floor of the Senate.

Pop-Corn futures are going to Rocket!

Democrats aren’t going to ever hold a vote. That would subject their swing-state members to accountability. Instead, they will conduct this as a smear campaign: they want allegations that can never be proven nor disproven.

I don’t know why they are bothering, they already have the vast majority of propaganda outlets in the country/world – the MSM. People get a daily dose of pro-Impeach and Convict “news” already.

the things that are really nice about the Democrats are their ability to project themselves on others, and their inability to learn.

the dinosaur media/democratic operative have been 4 walling the impeachment process since Nov 2016, do they actually think it will change things.

maybe if they had prove that high crimes and misdemeanors actually existed they might not have to be as secretive as they are.

“grass roots”

Really astroturf.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to FOAF. | October 14, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Yes, More Astroturf.

    This Soros and other Globalist funded operation will go over like a
    Bag Of Rocks with regular Democrat voters.

If these are organized groups, then this isn’t a grassroots effort. It’s organized by existing Democrat affiliated groups which gets lots of Democrats donating to them.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 15, 2019 at 2:40 pm


“….we have the real reason why Ukraine is being flung at President Trump.

Not only is the Democrat-Media Complex attempting to protect Joe Bidet and his son

but more accurately, to protect several other key Democrats who are up to their necks in corruption and graft involving that country…”