Fall is upon us and to celebrate New Jersey is taxing decorative pumpkins.

On their official Facebook page (yes, they have an official Facebook page) New Jersey’s Division of Taxation reminded consumers that decorative pumpkins are now subject to sales tax, whereas those used in food or for food remain tax-free.

From the Save Jersey blog:

…the Murphy Administration went out of its way to remind residents that yes, like most things in this state, your pumpkins ARE subject to the sales tax.

“Pumpkins used for decoration are subject to Sales Tax,” the Division wrote. “Pumpkins used for food or in food preparation are tax free.”

New Jersey’s state sales tax is 6.625%, down from 7% following the 2016 gas tax hike compromise struck between then-Governor Chris Christie and the Democrat legislature. Governor Murphy has agitated to raise it back to 7%.

In 2018, New Jersey farms cranked out 110,500 CWT (hundredweight) worth of pumpkins.

New Jersey is also consistently ranked as one of America’s most over-taxed states.

I’m sure our founders are super proud.

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