It’s that time of year again. Every year, Halloween is a problem on multiple college campuses.

Emily Zanotti writes at the Daily Wire:

Happy Halloween! Annual ‘Offensive’ Costume Bans Begin, Starting With Michigan State University

Every year, as Halloween approaches, the social justice-oriented “woke” police begin issuing their edicts, proscribing certain “offensive” costumes and cancelling Halloween events lest someone — anyone — be offended.

Late last month, an elementary school in the tony Chicago suburb of Evanston announced that they would be cancelling Halloween altogether over concerns that some children who did not celebrate the holiday would be offended by chilling costumes and spooky treats, according to North Cook News…

Michigan State University leads the way in 2019, releasing its rules late last week and pasting posters across campus asking students to consider whether their planned costumes are racially, culturally, or ethnically based.

The College Fix reports that “[p]osters asking ‘Is Your Costume Racially, Culturally, or Ethnically Based?’ appeared in dorms last week courtesy of the school’s Residence Education and Housing Services. The placards feature examples of ‘costume fails’: a guy dressed like a mariachi, women dressed as a Native American (‘hypersexualized racism’) and in a Japanese kimono, and … a space alien (allegedly represents ‘illegal aliens’?).”

The American Mirror, which covers incidents of far-left meddling across the education system, was able to get ahold of one of the posters, which gives strict guidelines to students celebrating both on and off campus. No “[s]ombreros and mustaches, Nazi gear, Rastafarians, illegal aliens, Middle Eastern attire, and other ‘racially, culturally, or ethnically based’ costumes.”

Students are warned to avoid any costume that involves “cultural appropriation:” “[w]estern appropriations of non-Western or non-white forms” carry with them “the connotation of exploitation and dominance.


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