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Las Vegas Metro Police Suspends ICE Program, Will Not Detain People for Federal Immigration Officers

Las Vegas Metro Police Suspends ICE Program, Will Not Detain People for Federal Immigration Officers

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo believes the change in cooperation “will not hinder” their fight against “violent crime.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) decided to suspend its ICE program. This means officers will no longer detain people for federal immigration officials.

LVMPD justified its decision based on the Central District for California’s decision in September.

The court decided “ICE is enjoined from issuing detainers to state and local law enforcement agencies in states where there is no explicit state statute authorizing civil immigration arrests on detainers.”

Nevada is one of those states.

The program is called 287-G. In June, ICE requested to extend the program to remove those who committed violent crimes:

The 287-G program uses a set criteria to determine if detainees will be sent to an ICE detention center.

“They are then screened through this criteria and if they fit that criteria they are then flagged by officers to be sent over to ICE agency for them to then determine through a federal hearing, and federal judge, what is going to happen to them,” said Lt. Yancey Taylor of the Clark County Detention Center.

LVMPD admitted the decision will likely face appeals in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Officers will not wait until then, though. They will “cease honoring ICE detainers. The department “will continue to work with ICE at the Clark County Detention Center in removing persons without legal status who have committed violent crimes.”

Since LMVPD will continue working on the latter with ICE, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo believes the change in cooperation “will not hinder” their fight against “violent crime.”

ICE has the ability to look at rosters in jails due to databases. If the program finds a person “unauthorized to be in the U.S., it issues a detainer asking the jailers to hold the person until he or she can be taken into immigration custody.”

The 287-G program allows ICE “to ask officers to hold an inmate for longer than their sentence or hold time to give an ICE agent time to arrive and detain an undocumented person.”

Activists have claimed the officers can make too many mistakes due to errors in the databases. U.S. District Judge André Birotte Jr. said data showed “that nearly 800 detainers out of almost 13,000 were explicitly lifted” because the person was a citizen “or otherwise not subject to removal.”


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“Sheriff Joseph Lombardo believes the change in cooperation “will not hinder” their fight against “violent crime.”
Narrator Voice: “But it will.”

I can add Vegas to my “Do Not Visit” ever again list!

Time to start withholding federal funds from cities that clearly think they don’t nees the feds.

    OweCmon in reply to Crawford. | October 24, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    That is exactly right. The Federal government is involved with lawsuits against California when it comes to Environmental issues where that state has initiated international agreements with Canada (and who else?). These rogue state governments, to include Nevada and other Democrat strongholds, have got to be held accountable for their flagrant rebellion against specific Federal laws and/or regulations. HOLD BACK FEDERAL FUNDS with boldness! Fight it in the courts if needed, but fight the good fight regardless!

      Morning Sunshine in reply to OweCmon. | October 24, 2019 at 6:39 pm

      but but but… isn’t that quid pro quo? I have heard recently that is a bad thing, cuz, ya know, Trump?

Lombardo need to tell us what the hell was behind the mass shooting of scores of country and western fans. What are they hiding?

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 24, 2019 at 6:10 pm

Won’t be long before this is happening in Las Vegas also.

Truck containing 39 bodies discovered on the outskirts of London

    And big surprise for the UK, a mass murder with a Muslim perpetrator. Sky news tries to hide it though, by wording the headline “A man from Northern Ireland has been arrested”. The written article gives it up late in the text when they give his name as “Mo Robinson”.

      Milhouse in reply to randian. | October 25, 2019 at 12:14 am

      What the **** are you talking about? What on earth makes you suppose that Mo Robinson suddenly took it into his head to become a Moslem, just before hauling a truckload of Chinese from Belgium to Dover?

A Pro-Choice civil rights progression.

So 12,200 WERE NOT CITIZENS out of 13,000

What an idiot

Confederate thinking. Democrat’s just can’t stop being the party of secession and rebellion.

The Friendly Grizzly | October 24, 2019 at 7:32 pm

I’m sure the leisure industry people had A Little Talk with law enfarcement. No need to lose all those hotel workers.

At least here in Vegas, they were not keeping illegal aliens in detention beyond the normal detention time. ICE had employees stationed at the Clark County Detention Center to take custody of the illegals as they were processed in.

Maybe in Ely or other outlying places, there might be some kind of delay before ICE got to the jail, but not here in Vegas!

And the illegals working in the resorts are not at risk, unless they are committing crimes beyond their being in the country illegally and using fake IDs and SSNs. It is only when they are arrested for a different crime (theft, drunk and disorderly, DUI, criminal battery, sexual assault, …) that their “status” crimes are discovered. ICE is NOT making raids/sweeps at the Strip resorts.

Las Vegas Metro Police Choose to exponentially increase the rate of recidivism in their city.

There fixed the headline for you.

Time for ICE to start a special project in Las Vegas.
Put an ICE agent in front of every casino. Review all of their personnel files and vigorously prosecute the entire management chain for any violations. From the pit bosses up to the Owners. Shutter it for the duration of the investigation. That might last a few months.

Definitely time to revoke existing & disqualify from future access to any assistance, grants, asset forfeiture sharing, ‘surplus’ equipment, or Federal training for all of these individual jurisdictions that are seeking to circumvent any Federal cooperation through judicial or local fiat. Compliance to state statute is one thing & entirely within the right of the States to refuse to assist, thereby foregoing said assistance, but municipalities + counties taking individual action must be held accountable.

    Milhouse in reply to rocky71. | October 26, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    That would be unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has been very clear on this. Only Congress may cut funding to state entities that refuse to cooperate with federal policy; the president or AG may not cut even a penny. Even Congress must make the condition unambiguous. And even Congress, acting directly and explicitly, may not cut existing funding so drastically as to compel the state entity’s compliance; the cut must be small enough that it leaves the state entity with a real choice whether to comply or absorb the cut. So what you propose cannot be done, even by an act of congress that explicitly says so.

TL, DR: Las Vegas has decided to side with criminal illegal aliens against its legitimate citizenry.

Nevada is entitled to refuse to aid the federal government, and entitled to decide whether or not its cities must aid the federal government.

GENERALLY enforcing immigration law brings up a conflict of interest between local and federal government: the federal government is obliged to enforce its immigration law, whereas the local government is obliged to preserve local order. It’s reasonable for local government to conclude that it’s more important for everyone following *its* laws to feel free to go to the citizens and the courts for conflict resolution than it is to enforce *the federal government’s* laws.

When it comes to convicted criminals, the obligation of local government is to secure the law-abiding citizenry against them. Expelling them after they’ve served their sentences therefore aligns local and federal interests, and refusing to enforce federal law is a betrayal of the local citizenry.

BobInBridgeport | October 25, 2019 at 12:20 pm


Does this also mean, then, that local police all over the nation are not obligated to help the Feds in DRUG BUSTS if the Feds are closing in on local drug dealers in States where marijuana is legal ???

    That’s right. It’s always been the case. Why are you surprised? This is the US constitution. The federal government has no right to commandeer state resources to enforce its laws. State law may require local police to cooperate with the feds (as in TX), forbid them (as in CA), or leave it up to them (as in most states).

Time to get the Feds to go after LVMP