Last week, I covered the antics of a green justice cult called “Extinction Rebellion”. These eco-warriors have planned 2 weeks of protests and disruptions at major cities around the world.

This week, Londoners seem to have had quite enough of the hypocritical preaching. Commuters clashed with climate activists who tried to disrupt travel during peak rush hour by hoping on roof the underground trains.

The commuters, frustrated at the delays, jumped on top of the train and dragged the demonstrators off.

A bearded man wearing a suit walks on the roof of a London Underground train as a crowd of clearly infuriated commuters yell and point at him.

A few seconds later, another man leaps up and grabs his legs as the protester tries to kick him off. They both fall, and the protester is buried among the angry mob, who seem to attack him on the floor.

Video of Thursday morning’s episode in eastern London, which was circulated widely, illustrated the complicated passions that have been ignited by protests in the British capital by Extinction Rebellion, a group of environmental activists who employ radical disruptive tactics to draw attention to the climate crisis.

I offer you the feel-good video of the week.

Extinction Rebellion leaders are rethinking their current strategies, which don’t seem to be inspiring the masses in the ways that the eco-activists were planning.

The group’s leaders have called off a planned protest at Gatwick airport ‘in light of’ the response to the Tube disruption and a spokesman said the group would ‘take stock’ before disrupting the Underground any further.

In a statement Extinction Rebellion acknowledged one of their own protesters had turned violent this morning.

XR said: ‘We are aware that one of our activists responded in self defence in a moment of panic when confronted by a threatening situation. He acknowledges his accountability for this action and we offer gratitude for members of the public who helped to protect him.’

To stem the continuing mayhem I described last week, London’s Metropolitan Police have ordered Extinction Rebellion protesters to stop demonstrations or face arrest.

Officers began clearing climate activists at around 10pm on Monday night, using section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaigners were told to leave Trafalgar Square, where many had been congregating lawfully since last week, as police seeks to limit disruption to public transport and spaces.

More than 1,600 people have been arrested during the nine days of protests. Officers have threatened that anyone who defies police orders will also be detained.

Child climate alarmist Greta Thunberg has told the green justice cultists that they should consider breaking the law so they can continue their antics.

…[T]eenage climate change campaigner Greta has suggested XR protestors continue on regardless.

She said: “If standing up against the climate and ecological breakdown and for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken.”

Clearly, the only things that have gone extinct in this movement are responsible adults.


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