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Video: Candace Owens Demolishes Leftist “Experts” at House Hearing on White Supremacy

Video: Candace Owens Demolishes Leftist “Experts” at House Hearing on White Supremacy

Owens: “Made-up professor … made the SEVERE error today of personally attacking me at a hearing on White Supremacy. Let what happened next serve as a warning to every virtue-signaling, white liberal in America”

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens absolutely demolished two self-important “experts” at Wednesday’s House Oversight Joint Subcommittee hearing.  The video has now gone viral and for good reason.

Owens listened patiently as she was condescended to and castigated by two white women who were lecturing her on being black in America and on the damage “white supremacy” does to black communities.  She then unleashes a torrent of truth on them that leaves them red-faced and looking very very small.

Prior to the exchange that has gone viral, Owens declared in her opening statement that white supremacy is real but that it’s been overstated and used by the left as a socio-political weapon.

During her opening testimony, Owens acknowledged that white supremacy is “indeed real,” but added that “despite the media’s obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America.”

“It’s a fringe occurrence that is being used in my opinion by Democrats to scare Americans into giving up their votes to a party that can no longer win based on simple ideas, which is why we’re seeing so many of these hearings back-to-back despite other threats that are facing this nation,” she said.

“I want to reiterate that point. White supremacy is real, just as racism is real, but neither of these ideologies are real in this room. They have become mechanisms for the left to continue to call these hearings and to distract from much bigger issues that are facing this country and which threaten minorities, much bigger issues that they are responsible for,” Owens added.

It is against this background that Dr. Kathleen Belew of The University of Chicago and Katrina Mulligan of the Center for American Progress decided to “school” Owens on race in America.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Wednesday, Candace Owens appeared at a hearing before House Oversight Joint Subcommittee as they took on the subject of white supremacy, and after white witnesses lambasted her Owens absolutely eviscerated not only them but Democrats for making every presidential election about race.

She fired, “I’ve been black in America my whole life, all 30 years, and I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years we have an election cycle and it needs to stop.”

The exchange prompting Owens’ fiery response started later, when Dr. Kathleen Belew of The University of Chicago, who is, according to The Daily Beast, “a professor and historian who has researched the rise of the white power movement,” stated:

I just have to say that I object strenuously to your use of the word “hilarious.” To me, this feels a lot like your reaction to being named in one of these manifestos. Now, you’re of course not responsible for the words of somebody writing that document. But I do think that laughing at it is a real problem, because these are real families that are impacted by this violence. And I think that our efforts toward talking about this have to start from a place of mutual respect, which is what I’ve heard from this side of the table. Now, the reason we don’t have those numbers, I want those numbers as much as you do, but to say the numbers don’t show something is simply not supported by the data.

Katrina Mulligan of the leftist Center for American Progress then stated: “The only thing that I would add is that it’s in the name. Terrorism, domestic terrorism, it terrorizes us; it terrorizes us in our homes; it terrorizes us in our schools, and to the points made by the other panelists, it is disproportionate to its impact on any individual life. It’s not.”

From there, Owens dropped some truth bombs on the privileged leftists trying to put her in her place.

If you can’t see the video in the tweet, watch here:

Here’s the transcript:

“Every four years you bring up race, and you knew exactly what I meant when I said ‘hilarious.’ You just tried to do live what the media does all the time to Republicans, to our president, and to conservatives, which is you try to manipulate what I said to fit your narrative, okay? I was not referring to the subject matter that is ‘hilarious.’ I said that it’s hilarious that we are sitting in this room today and I’ve got two doctors and a Mrs. and nobody can give us real numbers that we can respond to so that we can assess how big of a threat this is, because you know that it is not as big of a threat as you are trying to make it out to be so you can manipulate.

And the audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed at people who were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac, is in my opinion absolutely despicable. I think that we should be above that.

To try to assign responsibility or any meaning to a homicidal maniac writing a manifesto, which, by the way, also cited Spyro the Dragon, the child’s cartoon; he also cited Nelson Mandela as a source of inspiration. I don’t think that Nelson Mandela has inspired mosque shootings; you can correct me if you think I’m wrong.

“You would rather assign meaning to a homicidal maniac than to actually address the things that I said that are actually harming black America; number one: father absence; number two: the education system and illiteracy rate. Illegal immigration ranks high; abortion ranks high; white supremacy and white nationalism, if I had to make a list of one hundred things, would not be on it.

“This hearing, in my opinion, is a farce, and it is ironic that you’re sitting her[e] and you’re having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are. You want to know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life, all 30 years, and I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years we have an election cycle and it needs to stop.”

You can watch the entire hearing here.


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 22, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Candace Owens is going places. But, I believe the fake professor and her kind will do all they can to destroy her.

Here here!
This fine lady has a fine mind and better moral compass than any of her detractors.
I pray she doesn’t get targeted by a classic Clinton-Alinsky- NYT smear job.
Bravo-Zulu Ms. Owens.

“Doctor” Belew is no more a doctor than is “Doctor” Jill Biden.

Real doctors = MDs, dentists, holders of PhDs in the hard sciences.

Not real doctors = anyone with an EdD or a PhD in any soft studies programs like history and political science, and most especially all those “studies” programs (gag-gag = womyns, black, gay, gender, education). All of these topics lend themselves to being exercises in bullshiitte-ology. Word-processing programs have enabled turgid writers to become even more turgid.

Embargoed and blacklisted by white liberals at CNN, NPR, BBC and all the rest.

Bah! What does SHE know about black lives? They are “Academics”, albeit white, which gives them……gravitas?

Diversity has run its course. The racket is not viable. It has taken us one step forward, and two steps backward. No longer will color (i.e. low information attributes) judgment be tolerated.

Americans refuse to kneel. Here’s to conservative character.

    RandomCrank in reply to n.n. | September 22, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    I wish you were right, but alas, I’m afraid you’re not. This is a never ending battle against virtue-signaling b.s. from the “progressives.” Have no illusions about that.

I have a real aversion to Internet videos unless they are old favorite songs, but I think I’ll watch that one. I am white, 61 years old, and live in the countryside, and the game of condescension and manipulation of black people played by white “progressives” has irritated me for a very long time.

I think it’s long been needed to have black conservatives (some of whom may well be more conservative than me, but so be it) push back hard. So yeah, I’m going to watch that video.

It should be pointed out that had Jim Jordan not given her his allotted time to provide context and rebutt the liberal harpies, she would not have been heard.

And a damn good thing he did …


Ms. Owens is simply brilliant.

The pigs sitting to her right are ignorant slobs, regurgitating the slaveowners talking points.

This is the same or similar issue as came out in the first day of the hearing: that the numbers of crimes associated with white nationalism is way below that associated with Muslim extremism.

Both times the numbers were suppressed. On the first day, commenting that the hearing had been called with very little notice to the minority (Republicans), the Dems tried to paper over that fact, but one of the R committee heads remember that compared to maybe 120 crimes or referrals associated with white nationalism, there were something like 8400 (84000?) associated with Muslim extremism, the sort of number he was not supposed to have time to find due to the lack of proper notice to prepare.

Keep hammering those numbers back at them. Great job, Ms. Owens!

If I could make an editorial observation … “demolishes” is rather click-baity. I see such incendiary words quite often on The Gateway Pundit and on other conservative sites. Realistically though Candace did not “demolish” those leftists. They’ll lick their wounds, sharpen their attack and live another day to continue pushing their agenda.

I’d simply rather see a word like rebuke, rebut, refute, correct or embarrass … any of them would be less click baity and more accurately reflect what happened.

Thanks of course. 😉

    healthguyfsu in reply to MrE. | September 23, 2019 at 12:50 am


    cucha in reply to MrE. | September 23, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    I agree with that opinion in general. In this case, it’s not clickbait. That young Black woman truly demolished the racist Left.

    tom_swift in reply to MrE. | September 24, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    “demolishes” is rather click-baity.

    Yes indeed. A long-overdue counterattack is a looonnnng way from a just and necessary demolition. I’m not seeing any demolition. The liberal fantasy machine will grind on, unperturbed by this minor hiccup.

Check out the grin on Jim Jordan’s face at the end of the video. I think he liked her response.

Every corrupt hack in the US, auditioning for a position in a future fascist administration.

Very powerful statement. I’m glad I watched the video.

When watching the video, watch the face of the curly haired woman sitting next to Candace Owens. This woman is fully vested in the Leftist talking points and the look on her face as Owens speaks clearly shows how vested they are in their own narrative. Her face shows sock, disgust, and a clear indication that she cannot understand how Owens could dare to undermine the Left’s narrative. Who is it that is always talking about the plantation?

Why are we even wasting time on these do nothing hearings? They don’t solve any real problems and the cost could be put to a better use I would think.

Btw I love the beatdown she gave those clueless asses.

Candace Owens is a national treasure. Her courage, tenacity and coolness under fire when facing off against the Leftist jackboots never cease to amaze.

It is young, outspoken and iconoclast conservatives such as she who give me hope for the future.

“This hearing, in my opinion, is a farce, and it is ironic that you’re sitting here and you’re having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are. You want to know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life, all 30 years, and I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years we have an election cycle and it needs to stop.”

Knockout in 10 seconds!

Brilliant, brave, and easy on the eyes.