This is an excellent reminder of how early we are in this process. So many things can change in the coming months.

Newsweek reports:

Democrat College Student Support for Elizabeth Warren Drops Ahead of Houston Debate

Elizabeth Warren, a top contender for the Democratic nomination for president, saw a dip in support among college students ahead of the next primary debate.

On Thursday, the 10 top candidate will face off at the third Democratic debate at Houston’s Texas Southern University. To qualify, each had to garner at least two percent support in four Democratic National Committee-approved polls and have 130,000 unique donors.

The increase in the qualifying threshold from the last two debates locked out some candidates, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Marianne Williamson. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren both qualified for the debate, making it the first time they’ll share the stage together.

Polling numbers put Warren and Biden at the top of the pack for the Democratic nomination, but when it comes to college students who identify as Democrats, Warren has double Biden’s support.

A recent poll by College Pulse, a survey and data analytics company, and Chegg, an education technology company, found 22 percent of college students supported Warren as the Democratic nominee, while 11 percent preferred Biden.

The September 3 poll results represent a four percent decrease for Warren from last week, though she still stands as the second most popular candidate among Democrat-leaning students. Senator Bernie Sanders was the top choice, garnering 28 percent support for the second week in a row.


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