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Joe Kennedy Encounters Democrat Resistance in Possible Bid to Unseat Markey in Senate

Joe Kennedy Encounters Democrat Resistance in Possible Bid to Unseat Markey in Senate

“will confront a buzz saw of Washington Democrats if he takes the leap to challenge the Massachusetts senator, a move that would create a massive distraction for the party”

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) is contemplating a challenge to Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) for the seat he currently holds. Joe has aspirations for much higher office, and he doesn’t want to wait, but other members of his party are pushing back.

Politico reports:

‘I would tell Joe to wait’: Democrats warn Kennedy against challenging Markey

Joe Kennedy doesn’t have to just beat incumbent Ed Markey to win a Senate seat. He’ll also have to trounce Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Senate Democrats’ campaign arm — and maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The 38-year-old congressman and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy will confront a buzz saw of Washington Democrats if he takes the leap to challenge the Massachusetts senator, a move that would create a massive distraction for the party in a safe Democratic state amid a battle for both the White House and the Senate majority.

“That kind of intraparty fighting is not good in the long term. And I don’t think it will be good for Joe Kennedy,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) warned. “I’m a survivor of the [Ted] Kennedy-[Jimmy] Carter fight. I know how long those sentiments last.”

With Kennedy flirting with the race and leading in early polls, Markey has moved quickly to shore up support from both the Washington establishment and prominent progressives. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) has endorsed him, and Schumer said the party is “fully behind Sen. Ed Markey.”

In this recent interview on CBS News in Boston, Kennedy says that he is for abolishing the Electoral College and setting term limits for Supreme Court justices:

If Elizabeth Warren wins the presidency in 2020, someone needs to fill her Senate seat. Joe might not get picked to fill it, so he’s not taking any chances.

On a related note, you’ll be shocked to learn Kennedy is supporting Warren’s bid for president.

CBS News reports:

Joe Kennedy III stumps for Elizabeth Warren as he mulls Senate bid

Poised in the corner of an unassuming third-floor office suite, the heir apparent to one of America’s most enduring political dynasties touted his pick for president.

“If I didn’t think [Elizabeth] Warren would make a good president…” Representative Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts paused mid-sentence. “I am wholeheartedly behind her. I stand by her,” the 38-year-old Democratic lawmaker said emphatically, standing before a panel wallpapered with “NH for Warren” and “Women for Warren” placards.

Warren, on the other hand, is backing Markey:

On the surface, there was nothing particularly remarkable about a Massachusetts congressman touting a Massachusetts senator in her bid for the White House. But Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, is considering a primary challenge against the state’s current senator, Ed Markey, who just weeks ago earned a glowing endorsement from none other than Warren.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren here,” the presidential candidate said in a video on YouTube, “to throw my full support behind my great partner in the United State Senate, Ed Markey.”

As a resident on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I’ve made my position on this pretty clear:

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Nobody wants another Kennedy in office. All the previous ones were bad enough.

A white guy… a ginger no less. He’s gonna need to leak a trans sex tape or something in order to get woke enough.

He’s dissing the very foundation of America his grandfather and grand uncle fought for and we’re elected under

He’s another communist

Pretty darn sad how far the apples have fallen off the tree

    UnCivilServant in reply to gonzotx. | September 12, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    It’s because the original Kennedys were too successful at setting up their multigenerational trusts to prevent their dimwit heirs from squandering it. Otherwise Joe would have to actually work for a living, and might not be as suckered by marxist claptrap.

Morning Sunshine | September 12, 2019 at 1:39 pm

isn’t he the congressman who got arrested for drunk driving and tried to claim he was on the way to a House vote? Or was that a cousin?

    That was Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted Kennedy. Under the influence and crashing his car into a security barricade. He was given a ride home from the scene by police and wasn’t even so much as ticketed at the time. Probably because there was no bodies of water involved and he didn’t kill anyon… oh – wait.

    It’s so hard to keep them straight.

    The one that bootlegged for the mafia during prohibition?

    The one that shared hookers with the mafia while POTUS?

    The one that pimped out his teenage intern to a big campaign contributor in the White House swimming pool… while he watched?

    The one that left a woman to slowly asphyxiate in his sunken car while he sobered up and prepared a media strategy?

    The one that raped a woman?

    The one that killed a woman?

    The ones that were driving while drunk as a snake?

    Ah yes… CAMELOT! They’re like American royalty!

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Paul. | September 12, 2019 at 4:59 pm

      We’re it not for their money and the adulation of the media, the public would call them white trash, or drunken Micks.

Another damned Kennedy, don’t any of them have a real job?

buckeyeminuteman | September 12, 2019 at 1:48 pm

If white privilwge were a real thing, this kid would be the face of it.

As someone who lives in Ohio and votes Republican, should I care what happens in very blue Massachusetts – a primary for a U.S. Senate seat? Hey, why not!

First, which would be “better” for the country, Joe Kennedy III or Edward Markey reelected? That devolves to, “Which one would have less influence over how the Senate votes on important issues?”

My answer, seniority still matters in the Senate, and Markey will be in a 2nd term Senator and have more seniority than Joe Kennedy III would if he ended up in the Senate come Jan. 2021. So that settles it. I’m hoping Joe the 3rd beats Sen. Markey in the primary! Q.E.D.

Plus, it’ll divert money, professional Dem attention, and foot soldier time from more important matters…that’s a side benefit.

The same Joe Kennedy III who was drooling and slobbering from his mouth on Live TV as he gave the official DNC rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. Probably because he was high, but what else is new for a Kennedy ¯|_(ツ)_/¯

Ask not what your country can…

A dog fight in the Democrat kennel that is Massachusetts. We oughta throw some raw political meat in there and see who gets dinged up. Don’t care who wins.

Great news is that once Joe Biden is completely out of politics, we can transfer the “Slow Joe” nickname to Mr. Kennedy.

“To the distinguished members of the Senate, this august body has always had its share of dimwits and fools, and with my election, it will continue to do so!” Senator (elect) Joseph Kennedy III, November 11, 2020.

This is the same tool that did a post SOTU speech rebuttal in front of a mustang (not a good look for a Kennedy) while having some sort of sputum on his lip for the entire speech. Families like the Kennedy’s and the Clinton’s don’t get a pass because of their names. They need to just go away. No one cares about either.

“Kennedy says that he is for abolishing the Electoral College and setting term limits for Supreme Court justices”

Great, I am for putting something akin to an ignition interlock for him, before he does anything important. After all, he is a Kennedy, we need to make sure he’s sober.

When he is found in a lucid moment, read him our Constitution. It’s important!

Joe needs some street cred before he tries to run. This is what I suggest:

1. Buy a Buick [they don’t make Oldsmobile any longer] and drown a pretty young female. Extra points if she is pregnant with your kid.

2. Get drunk with CT senator Chris Murphy [same clan, and Chris Dodd lobbies for Hollywood] in a DC restaurant and make a “waitress sandwich”.

3. Get drunk and mostly naked on your property, and try to pull the underwear off some young female partygoers.

Do this – and you’re guaranteed to get elected.

Normally I’d say that (yet another) Kennedy is the worst. But that position is already filled—Markey is the worst. An exceptionally foul excuse even for a politician. Anybody who can get Markey out of the Senate—anybody at all, no matter how awful—will be a hero.

Never overestimate the intelligence of Massachusetts voters. After all, they kept “The Swimmer” in the senate for 40 years after he caused Mary Jo Kopechne’s death.

for my money, the only one in the whole damned bunch that seemed to be a decent man was rfk–jack was more of an actor/celebrity (though a legitimate warrior)think what is referred to in lawyer parlance as ” strictly countryclub. ”

rather than defer to the wisdom and advice(based on their prodigious experience) of his generals (among them eisenhower but especially ridgway), jfk (due in no small part to the incessant wailing of the dulles brothers)decided to involve us in indochina–as they say, the rest is history

bobby was different–cerebral, sincere, convicted–watched the speech he delivered the night or next day after king’s assasination–powerful, from the heart, very moving and gutsy for any white man to make in those circumstances–he was a true believer in civil rights

the kennedy clan brings to life the old addage that ” if you dig through enough horseshit you’ll eventually find a pony.”

bobby was the one

Mr. Frosty is a dead man walking. Massachusetts will not vote against a Kennedy.