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Now Bernie Sanders Wants to Cancel America’s Medical Care Debt

Now Bernie Sanders Wants to Cancel America’s Medical Care Debt

“The very concept of medical debt should not exist”

Bernie Sanders is upping the ante on free stuff. In addition to his plan to cancel all student loan debt, he now wants to cancel all medical related debt for everyone. What will be next?

Steve Geimann reports at Bloomberg:

Sanders Unveils Plan to Cancel $81 Billion in U.S. Medical Debt

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday introduced a plan to cancel $81 billion in past-due medical bills and replace private credit-reporting companies with a public registry that will exclude debt tied to health costs.

The Vermont Democrat proposed revising a 2005 bankruptcy law to let people with high bills use the courts to seek relief, and eliminate the means-testing requirement to file for protection from creditors, according to a statement from his campaign.

“The very concept of medical debt should not exist,” Sanders said. “It is immoral and unconscionable that families across the country are finding themselves nearly broke or bankrupt because of crippling medical debt while the health care industry made more than $100 billion in profits last year.”

The plan notes 79 million Americans “struggle to pay” bills, or are paying off medical debts.

Under the proposal, the federal government would step in to negotiate and pay off past-due bills in collections reported to credit agencies. The plan also would replace for-profit credit reporting companies with a public registry that uses a computer algorithm to determine creditworthiness.

One has to wonder if Bernie is planning to reimburse anyone who was dumb enough to pay their debts or buy health insurance.

Bernie tweeted about this and people have thoughts. Via Twitchy:

We’re about one polling cycle away from Bernie offering a plan for free cars.


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Why is it that taxes is the only thing he is unwilling to forgive or nullify??

We are taking on powerful interests who will do and spend whatever it takes to stop us.

The only “powerul interst” I see here is the long-abused American taxpayer. And things would probably work a lot better if he was considerably more powerful.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 22, 2019 at 10:48 am

I think Bernie is more senile than Biden.

When will these attempted bribes for votes be prosecuted? They are all trying to out do the others with their bribes using taxpayer money.
It is illegal in all 50 States to bribe someone for votes, yet the left is pushing their tax funded bribes all over the place. How is this OK when it is obviously “give aways” for votes? This is beyond stupid campaign promises that are meant to be broken, we even have Yang offering $1000 a month to some of his followers so long as they vote for him. Free medical coverage, free college, free reparations to groups who vote Democrat, yet it can’t be paid for, but so what, they can use these “promises” to bribe the stupid for their votes.
At what point these bribes be called out for what they are.
This isn’t campaign promises to perform their Constitutional duties, it is bribery, using our money.

Guess 3 houses and a million off a lousy book wouldnt do much so you force your debt on the rest of us.

So the medical debt that might have happened because someone deliberately chose to go uninsured and had liposuction, we’re paying for this now? The 180 day stays at Palm Springs drug rehab when wealthy parents put their hipster kids into ‘treatment’, ditto?
Joe Biden’s face lift will be free?

What if you’re sick- will Bernie legalize euthanasia so we, like Canada, can simply put the really expensive sick patients to sleep and save big bucks? “The government” spends over $35 Billion on charity care now, to pay for people who really can’t pay. We gonna run out of rich people now LOL!

All of these Democrats’ giveaway proposals are based on telling people that they won’t have to pay for it, because they will tax the hell out of the “rich.” The idea is to get people to think they will get something for free in return for their vote.

I remember when Bill Clinton said his tax increase would only affect “the rich.” As soon as the new tax rates came out, I discovered that I was “rich.”

A little simple arithmetic shows there is no way any of the Democrats’ grandiose trillion-dollar giveaways can be funded without taxing the hell out of the middle class.

Well, Burnie, I don’t have any medical debt to cancel, but if you can get me a free house on a beach in Florida…we can talk.

Excellent. To which of Bernie’s three addresses do I send my medical bills?

So Bernie you mean there’s somebody can’t pay for a procedure up front they shouldn’t get it?

You can cancel your medical care debt. It is called a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It has grave consequences, but you can do it Benrie.

Subotai Bahadur | September 22, 2019 at 5:34 pm

OK, something to consider. Yes, Biden is Chiroptera feces crazy, and senile to boot. But despite there being technically 19 more Democrats still legally running, he is among the 10 that the Democrat Nomenklatura recognize as serious candidates and allow to debate.

All the rest are even crazier, albeit not senile. They are knowingly serious about it. Which is even scarier.

The Democrat presidential candidate is going to come from only one of two places. Either is going to come from the collection of fools, miscreants, maladroits, and unindicted co-conspirators officially recognized now . . .

OR the Nomenklatura are scamming us and their peons and between the candidates’ faults and the votes of the Superdelegates, they are going to create a candidate Argumentum ad anus extractus that will ignore the entire primary process and serve the purposes of the Nomenklatura alone. There are rumors of Hillary or Michelle [both of them had better hire food tasters in that case], but it could be someone we have not thought of.

In any case Biden is the unacceptable best of a totally unacceptable lot, and the current situation is reason to prepare for interesting times.

Subotai Bahadur

OK, Bernie. Take care of my mortgage and my car payment, then we’ll talk….

I think Bernie wants to cancel America-period.

“We’re about one polling cycle away from Bernie offering a plan for free cars.”

Darn, I just bought and paid 100% for a new car, and I’m all paid up on my medical debt.

Bernie, listen, you’re going to need to think this through a bit better. We’re going to need reimbursements for the cars and medical bills going back, oh, lets say 30 years.

Oh, and Bernie, I’d really like a pony as well.

I think it is a mistake to label this just a campaign gimmick, one that Bernie! has no intention of fulfilling. The recent history of the modern welfare fascist state (since the New Deal) is full of examples of Democrats implementing socialist policies and blaming the inevitable disaster on (pick one or more of the following): Republicans, Big Business, bigotry, the military/industrial complex, environmental degradation, or space aliens.

And no matter how outlandish or wackadoodle the Democrat alibi is, tens of millions of voters will passionately believe it to be true.

The Democratic Primary has become a grand Potlach, only with money that’s not yet been stolen from taxpayers.

Antifundamentalist | September 23, 2019 at 7:59 pm

It’s one thing to talk about putting a stop to Medical price gauging and extortion. We need that (all the things the ACA failed to do). It’s something else to say that people should not be held responsible for the debts they incur.