A woman named Chella Phillips of the Bahamas is being praised for her efforts to save dogs during Hurricane Dorian. She took almost a hundred canines into her home during the storm, and now she is being rewarded with donations.

Elisha Fieldstadt reports at NBC News:

Bahamas woman shelters nearly 100 dogs in her home during Hurricane Dorian

A woman in the Bahamas who has made it her mission to rescue and shelter dogs in her home has taken in nearly 100 strays as Hurricane Dorian lashed the Caribbean islands.

As the storm, then a Category 5, parked itself for a two-day-long stay over the Bahamas beginning on Sunday, Chella Phillips was hunkered down with 97 dogs she had rounded up from the streets and into the safety of her Nassau home, she wrote on Facebook.

She wrote that 79 of the dogs were in her bedroom, and she was cleaning a lot of nature’s callings, but the dogs were “respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in.”

“The music is playing in all directions of the house and the AC is blowing for them,” Phillips posted with pictures of the pack of pooches.

She said the dogs were getting along and welcoming “the newcomers with tail wags,” and appealed for people to volunteer to adopt the rescues once the storm passed.

Cash donations are now piling up quickly.

This piece by Morgan Gstalter of The Hill was published Tuesday morning:

Donors raise $65K for woman in Bahamas who sheltered 97 stray dogs during Dorian

A fundraiser to help a woman in the Bahamas who sheltered nearly 100 stray dogs from Hurricane Dorian has reached more than $65,000 as of Tuesday morning.

Chella Phillips wrote on Sunday in a Facebook post that went viral that there were 97 dogs inside her Nassau house, which was barricaded against the Category 5 storm that tore over the islands.

“It has been insane since last night, poop and piss non stop but at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in,” Phillips wrote. “We have barricaded the refuge and nobody is outside.”

Phillips, a dog enthusiast, operates The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas Facebook page to bring awareness to the thousands of dogs roaming the streets.

As of Wednesday night, the total has climbed to over $230,000.

Here’s a Facebook post from Phillips:

Here’s a video report from ABC News:

Featured image via Chella Phillips’s Facebook page.


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