Conservative activist Scott Presler (aka, “The Persistence”), famed for cleaning up a Baltimore neighborhood recently, organized a street clean-up at a homeless camp in Los Angeles this weekend.

Reports indicate that his volunteer crew cleared about 50 tons of trash from the area. The before-and-after video is astonishing.

The day started early, with the crew assembling at the corner of Van Nuys and Oxnard.

For some strange reason, I cannot locate much media coverage of this effort. Fortunately, a crew from NBC-LA filmed a report, which was the only official coverage from our local press that I could find.

Presler’s efforts made the regular “Streets of Shame” series.

After two hours of work, Presler’s team began seeing some progress. As a safety professional, I am glad to see they took the warnings about biological hazards seriously and wore hazmat suits during their clean-up efforts.

During the work, many people contrasted their efforts to those of the #ClimateStrike demonstrators. LA hip-hop artist and famous social media news analyst, An0maly, interviewed Presler. He noted how much more meaningful and productive his effort was to create a healthy environment.

An0maly asked a substantial question during his show: How can you clean the planet when you can’t clean your own city?

An0maly also made an excellent point that California supposedly has thousands of environmental activists. Therefore, why is Presler, a Virginia resident, leading this volunteer brigade?

Many Los Angeles residents expressed their gratitude for the clean-up.

There is no denying that Presler is to activism what Trump is to trolling. Presler has Republican voter registration drives within the bluest swaths of our state.

Presler’s philosophy is, “Stop talking. Start doing.” I would love to see him relocate to California and become Governor.

But, then again, he should be rewarded for his efforts instead of facing punishment.

Thank you so much, Scott!


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