The presidential ambitions of the leading Democrat candidates may not survive CNN’s 7-Hour ‘Climate Change’ Townhall.

It was a man-made disaster, created in the fevered swamps of CNN and fueled by pledges of allegiance to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

The candidates came across as not-serious-people. Worse, they came across as nanny-state monsters who really do want to take away your plastic straws and cheeseburgers to save the planet. It was a self-parody of what woke totalitarianism sounds like, with an abnormal focus on meat.

Republican attack-ad makers have hours of footage that can be sliced and diced to make any of the candidates who appeared at the Townhall look insane. And they wasted no time.

Surging Elizabeth Warren epitomized the self-parody, complaining that the fossil fuel industry wants you to talk about light bulbs, straws and cheeseburgers, while she and the other Democrat candidates talked about light bulbs, straws, and cheeseburgers.

It’s AOC’s party now.


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