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Rachel Maddow Smears Trump Judicial Nominee as Racist by Misrepresenting Law Review Article

Rachel Maddow Smears Trump Judicial Nominee as Racist by Misrepresenting Law Review Article

“Had she actually read his law-review article, she would know that Menashi says the exact opposite of what Maddow claims.”

The liberal media has completely abandoned the Trump Russia conspiracy and has moved on to promoting a false narrative about white supremacy. Rachel Maddow is clearly on board, and she used her platform to falsely smear a Trump judicial nominee this week.

Sometimes you have to wonder if Maddow isn’t malicious but just ignorant, despite her inflated confidence in her intellectual abilities. This seems like one of those times.

Her target here is Steven Menashi, whom Trump has nominated to the Second Circuit Court. Maddow fixated on a law review article Menashi wrote, but she got it completely wrong.

Ed Whelan writes at National Review:

Rachel Maddow’s Racial Smear of Second Circuit Nominee Steven Menashi

In a 2010 law-review article titled “Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy,” Second Circuit nominee Steven Menashi argues that “ethnonationalism remains a common and accepted feature of liberal democracy that is consistent with current state practice and international law.”

Menashi’s specific purpose in the article is to refute claims that “Israel’s particularistic identity—its desire to serve as a homeland for the Jewish people—contradicts principles of universalism and equality upon which liberal democracy supposedly rests.”…

In a lengthy segment on MSNBC last night, Rachel Maddow grossly distorts Menashi’s argument and tries to twist it into “a high-brow argument for racial purity.” (Video at 9:00-9:36.) She falsely claims that Menashi argues “how definitely democracy can’t work unless the country is defined by a unifying race.” (Video at 6:57-7:10.)

But Menashi’s argument about national identity is clearly not about “racial purity” or a “unifying race.” Indeed, the fact that Israelis from Ethiopia are black makes it impossible to take seriously the claim that Menashi is making a case for “racial purity.” Menashi further states that it “is not even clear … that Israel’s national identity can even be described as ‘ethnic’” (in a narrow sense of that concept), as Israeli Jews come from “Argentina, Ethiopia, Germany, Morocco, Russia, and Yemen.”

You can read Menashi’s article here.

Cortney O’Brien of Townhall has more on this:

Rachel Maddow Accused of ‘Anti-Semitic Rant’ Against New Trump Nominee

With so much anti-Semitic rhetoric on the Democratic side of the aisle lately and among progressives in general, it’s hard to keep up, but this opinion from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow warranted a response. Maddow took aim at Steve Menashi, Trump’s newest nominee to the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a lengthy segment on her program Thursday night…

Yet, it was a law review article to which he contributed for the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law entitled “Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy” that gave Maddow pause about his nomination. In it, Menashi argued how a nation like Israel, dominated by one ethnicity, can be a successful democracy. Maddow interpreted the “blood curdling” document to mean the Jewish nominee was arguing that, “you can’t have a country that works if you’ve got all sorts of different people in it.”

It is “a high-brow argument for racial purity,” she maintained.

“It ends with a war cry,” Maddow explains, that suggests “democracy can’t work unless the county is defined by a unifying race.”

You can watch the Maddow segment below. The video is cued to begin at the 6 minute mark, just press play:

There has been some push back over this. Matt Brooks is the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The RJC also tweeted about this:

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network also chimed in:

At the very least, Maddow owes Mr. Menashi, and her viewers, an apology.

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Just remember, Maddow is not the real problem, her viewers are. Absent them she would be off the air.

Orange Man Racist!
Gotta push that narrative no matter what the cost.

It’s nonsense to say that “it was a law review article to which he contributed for the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law entitled “Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy” that gave Maddow pause about his nomination.”

Maddow hated Menashi the instant Trump nominated him, regardless of who or what he is. She’s just looking for anything that could remotely be perverted to look like dirt. The fact that she had to look so hard and twist the facts so deviously suggests that he is squeaky clean.

Once the leftists get worked up enough about this nomination, they will find a weak-minded publicity seeker who will recover a repressed memory that Menashi lifted her skirt in the second grade. The fact that she never met him won’t matter. The Dems will want full hearings, and they will insist that we “Believe Women.”

Because I never EVER watch this liars’ show, I don’t know who her(?) advertisers are, but I’d like to. Turnabout’s fair play.

Could he sue her? I mean I know he probably won’t but if he wanted too would he have a case? This is clearly an incident where Maddow is getting things wrong and basically calling this guy a racist.

Comanche Voter | August 17, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Sweet Rachel never bothers with the truth. With her it’s all about the snark.

We all know that the new narrative, as seen in the leaked NY Times audio, will be RACISM all day every day. We all know that the Times does not operate in a vacuum. This simply shows that Maddow got the memo and is eager to comply.

    tommy mc donnell in reply to TrickyRicky. | August 17, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    what else beside racism against whites does the democrat party have to offer their supporters? what the democrat party is doing to white people today in the united states is the same thing the communist party did to the kulaks in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s.

“Had she actually read his law-review article, she would know that Menashi says the exact opposite of what Maddow claims.”

Why would anyone assume this is true?

By now we should all know that she, and other Looney Lefties, are in full possession of the facts, and intentionally lie or obfuscate to confuse their audience.

    puhiawa in reply to MrSatyre. | August 17, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    I think you underestimate the left wing loon’s ability to read minds, detect dog whistles, and know what everyone else is really thinking. Did you know the left even knows what Jesus would say about current events?

Can it read?

I do not share the outrage from this idiots rant. This is what they do daily to Trump. They take a sentence out of a comment he makes and then run with it out of context. Just like in NH where Trump gave a speech to well over 12,000 people, the left used a photo of empty seats to try and make the case that he was losing his mojo. Instead, the seats were occupied but the seat dwellers had all moved down to the floor to be CLOSER to Trump! Plus there were thousands outside that were not allowed to come in. In a perverse way, we almost have to feel sorry for Rachel and her ilk because everyone is on to their cheap little ploys and tricks but they don’t seem to have figured it out yet. Come November of 2020 I suspect they will see the light!

You would think Maddow would give Ginsburg’s old law clerk some slack.

tommy mc donnell | August 17, 2019 at 3:26 pm

you expect a communist to tell the truth? communists don’t believe in the concept of truth only what gets them their way.

    Oh, they believe in Their Truth(iness). Facts, not so much. This is the post modern personal truth thru their own “Lens”. How dare you suggest that there might be a truth independent of the viewer. Facts?!?! You’re harshing my mellow!

I believe she would have had to read all the way to p.2 of the paper to see that

As a factual matter, Erekat’s charge is false. Many countries
maintain national religious bodies and identities, from the Church
of England and the Romanian Orthodox Church to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the other 56 members of the Organization of
the Islamic Conference.4 Erekat’s own Palestinian Authority provides in Article 4 of its Basic Law that “Islam is the official religion
in Palestine” and “[t]he principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the
main source of legislation.”5

Antifundamentalist | August 17, 2019 at 7:34 pm

I was forced to watch bits and pieces of Maddow’s shows while waiting for a physician’s appointments (no access to volume or channels or the tv in the waiting area. This was six years ago or so. My assessment at the time was that this was Opinion Television mascaraing as News, very scanty on the facts, and those that were presented were heavily biased and spun to the point of being nothing more than propaganda. I do not understand why people would voluntarily subject themselves to that level of nastiness.

This fraud has become desperate for attention, and even relevance. Things are so bad she just might go back to being a woman.

2smartforlibs | August 18, 2019 at 2:47 pm

Roswell Madcow is one sad crossdresser. IF it was in the world of reality it might help but its way past that.