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CUNY Prof Says “Ideology of Racialized Terrorism” is Responsibility of All White People

CUNY Prof Says “Ideology of Racialized Terrorism” is Responsibility of All White People

“This political ideology of racialized terrorism rests with every white designated person in this country.”

Imagine a professor saying “all” people of any other race were responsible for such a thing. People would lose their minds.

The College Fix reports:

CUNY adjunct professor: All white people responsible for ‘ideology of racialized terrorism’

An adjunct professor from City University of New York says the “ideology of racialized terrorism” is the responsibility of all white people in the United States.

In an interview with WBGO radio (which was taken offline shortly after being posted; the archived link is here), political science instructor Josie Gonsalves said that she has “seen enough” and proceeded to tie America’s racist and capitalist past to the current mass shootings of the present.

Gonsalves claims she left her island nation (she doesn’t identify it) — “a parliamentary democracy with vigorous intellectual discourse and robust civic engagement” — and upon arrival in the US was “assigned” the designation of “immigrant, non-white, and ‘other.’”

That “other” is key, Gonsalves says, as white America has a history of engaging in the ethnic cleansing of “others,” starting with Native Americans.

The professor also has an interesting way to describe the Civil War: “So fierce, the fight for ownership of human beings as chattel, America waged a Civil War from 1861-65 to maintain, property rights over Black bodies.”

From the story:

This political ideology of racialized terrorism rests with every white designated person in this country. White neoliberals cloak themselves in a fantasy that the race war exploding on the streets of America rests discreetly in the hands of “crazies,” “far-right wingers,” “outliers” and even more mythic characterizations. So, America builds clinics and mental health hospital beds for White home-grown terrorists, but concentration camps and high-level security prisons for Black, and Black and Brown immigrants.


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 16, 2019 at 8:13 am

Ajunct professor? Or, a junk professor?

Sounds like bullsh!t to me.

US government immigration policy definitely needs work. People like this should be more actively encouraged to stay in their island nations where they can enjoy the parliamentary democracy, vigorous intellectual discourse, and robust civic engagement.

This CUNY employee has just committed libel against EVERY white person in the United States. Somebody needs to organize a class action lawsuit against her employers (CUNY, the City of New York and the State of New York). Lets see, 220 million (or so) white people in the U.S. times say $1000 dollars each would be 2.2 trillion dollars. That should bankrupt the State of New York and send a powerful message to every “progressive” who screams “racism” every chance they get.

Were that so, I would already have hauled his professing ass ought to the woodshed and administered social justice with a common switch.

JusticeDelivered | August 16, 2019 at 2:05 pm

So, she is an immigrant, they characterised her as such, and they characterised her as non white (consistent with her appearance), and other. The other part was flaming asshole, who came to America of her own free will and has prospered here.

America is by nature a melting pot, afterall, we let her in, and now she has the gall to criticize those who were here before her and made America a place lots of people want to be.

She is one of those little fish with such limited exposure that she is under the allusion she is a big fish. Would someone please expel her to that little island?

‘ideology of racialized terrorism’? What language was this written in originally?

Sorry, I’ve been away from my computer for half a day so I have to get caught up – any new things white people are responsible for?

Um…I’d say, if you accept the premise that the Civil War was actually about slavery (debatable), it would be more correct to say “America waged a Civil War from 1861-65 to free black bodies from their status as property”.