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Code Pink National Co-Director Ariel Gold tries to use El Paso shooting against Israel

Code Pink National Co-Director Ariel Gold tries to use El Paso shooting against Israel

That the victims of the El Paso shooting were exploited in the anti-Israel cause says everything about the face of left-wing anti-Zionism.

We have become very cautious in the initial reaction to mass shootings and terror attacks because so often the initial information reported by the media is wrong.

The spread of inaccurate information by mistake is compounded by the deliberate spread of false information enabled by social media.

This initial media incompetence is often fed by an implicit bias to believe that the “right-wing” (however they define it) is to blame before the facts are known. In numerous instances this meant the Tea Party was blamed when the perpetrator turned out to be a leftist, and even in the Boston Marathon Bombing the immediate media reaction was that it was a right-wing attack (which later turned out to be an Islamic terror attack).

We try to exercise this caution where there is a suggestion of an Islamic terror connection until there is substantial evidence to support that conclusion, as there was in the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan theater attacks.

That means we rarely are among the first to blame someone or some group or some movement.

Such caution is important in the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. The initial reports from El Paso were that there were three shooters; it turns out there was one. The El Paso shooter, assuming the manifesto attributed to him is genuine, appears to be an anti-Hispanic white supremacist who also was an environmental extremist devoted to population control. Or the manifesto may be a partial troll like the Christchurch (NZ) shooter whose manifesto was designed, at least in part, to create societal conflict, a part of a sick game of manipulation. The Dayton shooter, while initially termed another white supremacist, may be a left-wing Antifa-supporting Elizabeth Warren fan, IF social media accounts being attributed to him prove to be genuine. There also are indications of a long history of mental illness and warning signs unrelated to politics. For all of this, it may be days or longer before we can definitively say what the facts motivating the shootings are.

The shootings can and should be condemned before those motivations are known, and regardless of the motivations, but the political blame-game is not waiting for that. There are numerous accusations on social media that Republican politicians and conservative commentators have blood on their hands for supporting the 2nd Amendment rights and immigration law enforcement.

Of all the horrible takes, one of the worst was by Ariel Gold, an obsessive anti-Zionist opponent of Israel whose antics we have covered before. She now is the National Co-Director of Code Pink, and specializes in disrupting speeches and events for people whose views she disagrees with. She also has been a guest on Fox News primetime shows multiple times.

We long have documented how anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack domestic U.S. events completely unrelated to Israel in order to turn them against Israel. We tracked how this happened with the Ferguson riots in 2014, and almost continuously since then, including by the false and blood-libelous claim from anti-Zionist Jewish Voice for Peace that Israel is tied to police shootings of minorities in the U.S.

After the El Paso shooting, Gold tweeted:

According to El Paso shooter’s manifesto, he aimed to control numbers of white vs latinex Israel everyday controls numbers of Jews verses Palestinians (and African refugees) Any further questions as to why Israel is an inspiration for white nationalists/white supremacists?

And in response to criticism of that tweet, Gold tweeted:

Sure, instead of looking at connections — the rise of fascism, white supremacy and nationalism (Jewish supremacy and nationalism in Israel) across the globe, let’s just send more thoughts and prayers. That’s been working so well so far

And in response to even more criticism, repeated the claims:

The responses have been harsh (click on links above to follow reactions).

This is yet another example of the “intersectionality” disease I have written about here many times: Israel becomes the unifying evil in the world which ties together all other evils, much like the “international Jew” was the unifying evil of classic anti-Semitism.

That the victims of the El Paso shooting were exploited in the anti-Israel cause says everything about the face of left-wing anti-Zionism.


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Colonel Travis | August 4, 2019 at 10:11 pm

Everyone should share your caution. I am so fed up with people on both sides of the political isle (although the left gets more of my contempt because they own the pop culture and media) who cannot wait to see if their side is in the clear and the other one is to blame so they can…what? Gloat? Look how morally superior I am and look how inferior you people are!

29 people died in two cities <— remember this part, jerks? Only a psychopath murders like that. Psychopaths do not belong to any tribe except the tribe of psychopaths. People like Ariel Gold are human filth.

I'm especially ticked because this Texas loser didn't live far from me and could have chosen any number of places I, my family, my friends, my neighbors go to regularly. For some reason he did not. The people of El Paso had to suffer instead.

When I didn't see anything here initially, I had a feeling this is the course you were taking. Thank you for being one of the few adults in the room, Prof.

    Colonel Travis in reply to Colonel Travis. | August 4, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    I was mad when I wrote that but I am not mad when I write this: if you need to set up a L-I fundraising drive for a comment edit button because, let’s say, some unmentioned doofus forgot to close an italics tag, then count me as a future donor.

The obsession is antisemitic, even from a Jew.

    I was thinking the same thing — with a name like “Ariel Gold,” and, Hebrew characters next to her Twitter profile, I’m assuming she’s Jewish.

    Unless I’m not mistaken, Ilhan Omar’s communications director is Jewish. There is without doubt a large contingent of American Leftist Jews in the U.S. who are so eager to prove their Leftist bona fides to their peers, they are willing to act as among the most rabid and zealous Jew-haters and Israel-haters around. Even if it means selling out their fellow Jews.

    These people are absolutely despicable. They would have no problem gleefully helping Muslim Jew-haters and the rest of the Dhimmi-crats usher in a new Holocaust, as long as they received a pat on the head and a Dhimmi-crat membership badge.

I ran into some code pink ladies out at the entrance to Crawford ranch, Bush’s ranch in Texas
They were frumpy middle aged women selling t-shirts
I met Cindy Sheehan and Ambassador Ann Wright , Charlie Sheehan came and he is a large midget by the way.
I hated the Iraq war, wrong war, always thought Afghanistan was the place to be, we could have gone in quick, got that bastard osama and got out.

The initial reports from El Paso were that there were three shooters; it turns out there was one.

It does? Why choose one story over the other? William of Ockham suggests that one is preferred over three, perhaps? (I never heard the story that there were three—I did hear the one about there being four. Offered without evidence, as usual.)

Once they settle on one story, it could mean that it’s accurate, or it could mean that they’ve belatedly worked out the desired narrative. The dream-weaving is so pervasive today that no news about any event of political interest can be assumed to be reliable.

Gold is an evil sick twisted witch dancing in the blood of the dead.

Old Navy Doc | August 5, 2019 at 9:21 am

Timeless advice from Robert Heinlein:

“Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

“It does not do to encourage bad manners; one should retaliate, urbanely but firmly.” ” If one tolerates bad manners, they grow worse.”

    BerettaTomcat in reply to Old Navy Doc. | August 5, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.

    Sir Karl Raimund Popper, 1945, The Paradox of Tolerance

2smartforlibs | August 5, 2019 at 2:12 pm

Seem liberal fundraising off this is sick. Of the many shooting over the weekend, the mass shooters were both isolated and left-wing nuts THe gang shooting were not much different other than they got a cookie and trophy just for going to jail.

BerettaTomcat | August 5, 2019 at 11:02 pm

Truly Right-wing Jews, which I assume will include those who seriously support Israel, as Israel cannot exist under Left-wing Jewish leadership, need to identify Left-wing Jewry as mortal enemy of Western civilization. As to how this relates to the point the Code Pinker is making, Right-wing Jews need to decry holding the US to a dysfunctional immigration control standard that Israel is allowed to avoid — in accordance with natural law.