Imagine being the students who put so much hard work into creating this publication, only to be sabotaged by the administration.

The College Fix reports:

Georgia State cancels distribution of controversial student magazine … to save the environment

As long as student media continue to print publications, school administrators will continue to censor them in the name of Mother Earth.

Following the lead of the University of Mary Washington, which zeroed out the print budget of its nearly century-old student newspaper because it believes in “stewardship of the environment,” Georgia State University is refusing to distribute the already printed Urbanite.

The Student Press Law Center reports that the summer magazine, published by The Signal campus newspaper, will not be distributed to incoming freshmen during orientation for the first time since the orientation agreement was reached in 2014.

Three weeks after 10,000 copies of the 52-page Urbanite had already been printed – and 2,000 copies delivered to administrative offices – an administrator emailed Editor-in-Chief Daniel Varitek to say the orientation agreement was off.

Heather Housley, director of international student and scholar services, said the administration wants to “avoid using paper as much as possible.” Varitek said this didn’t make sense because he had been consulting with Housley on orientation logistics for the magazine for the prior month and a half.

The content of the magazine appears to have worried the administration. Editors cited an article on students with “alternative jobs, including a stripper, a sugar baby, a marijuana dealer and a black market iPhone flipper,” as the likely culprit.


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