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The Daily Beast goes after PASTRY CHEF at Mar-a-Lago for thought crime because Trump owns property

The Daily Beast goes after PASTRY CHEF at Mar-a-Lago for thought crime because Trump owns property

The reason she has been singled out is that she works at a Trump property, reflecting a media eagerness to take down anyone associated, even remotely, with Trump.

The Daily Beast is the 342nd most trafficked website in the U.S., out of tens of thousands, according to

Under Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman, The Daily Beast has aggressively joined the anti-Trump “Scoop” wars, sometimes with actual reporting, other times in Gawker-style clickbait, leading Recode to ask last November, Is the Daily Beast the new Gawker?

“I think that we like to embrace the gonzo and that Gawker was an inheritor of that gonzo spirit that didn’t originate with Gawker, but that they carried that mantle for a little while,” Shachtman said. “We really like the gonzo. We really like the weird. We really like the fun and we don’t give that many fucks. We don’t give zero fucks, but we don’t give that many fucks.”

If Gawker-style is The Daily Beast’s goal, they certainly accomplished it with an article about a pastry chef at Mar-a-Lago who posted QAnon theories on her personal social media. QAnon is a crazy conspiracy theory that has made its way around social media.

The pastry chef story started at a newsletter published by someone whose livelihood is monitoring Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel. Had the story just been in the newsletter, it would not have spread very far. But The Daily Beast author Will Sommer decided to promote it to The Daily Beast’s large platform.

Here’s the original headline:

The original headline didn’t contain the pastry chef’s name, but it was updated to add her name:

The article was promoted by Shachtman and author Will Sommer on Twitter, exposing the pastry chef’s name to people who might not otherwise go to The Daily Beast website.

The story now has been picked up by Rolling Stone and shared by an MSNBC producer with half a million followers.

If the pastry chef were involved in the Trump campaign or other politics, perhaps there would be some news value. But there is nothing in the newsletter or The Daily Beast article that indicates that the pastry chef played such a role. She’s not a political staffer or involved in policy, and there’s nothing in the coverage to indicate she aspires to those goals.

Nothing in the story indicates she used her politics to harass or intimidate co-workers or subordinates. She simply posted her political conspiracy theories on her personal social media accounts, which is a lot less than hundreds of blue-check-mark journalists  and anti-Trump nutters do every day on Twitter with their Russia collusion conspiracy theories.

The ONLY reason she has been singled out by The Daily Beast is that she works at a Trump property. That’s it. It’s not about the pastry chef, it’s about media hate of Trump and an eagerness to take down anyone associated, even remotely, with Trump.

Yet that pastry chef’s name, image and work details now are exposed to millions of readers of The Daily Beast for one reason only — she works at a Trump property.

What’s next for The Daily Beast? A deep dive into the personal political views of Mar-a-Lago groundskeepers, bellhops and janitors?

How about we leave low-level employees, who have not joined the political battle, alone?

The reaction to The Daily Beast has been harsh. You could say conservatives “pounced” and seized. Look at the “ratio” and scroll through the tweet replies:

Here are some reactions, including ours:



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It’s called a scoop because that’s what you use to get rid of it.

“And they wonder why we hate them.” This! 1,000 times this!!

At least I’ve fulfilled my desire to learn one new thing every day. Never heard of QAnon before this. Now I can promptly forget about it until it comes to my attention again.

    gospace in reply to Edward. | February 24, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Wow! This is the first you’ve heard of Qanon? Supposedly an insider in the Trump administration. Makes cryptic Nostradamus like posts, and the 4chans or 8chans or whatever go about interpreting them for us. Pretty fascinating stuff. Or entertaining. Or both….

    I’m not convinced Qanon is a real person (or group of people), nor am I convinced he’s a Larper. If he is for real, a pastry chef at Mar-a-Lago likely know him (or them). Without knowing it.

If they believe in the Russia collusion fairy tale, they’ve got nothing on any QAnon believer.
Or, maybe they know Russia collusion is a fairy tale and push it as real regardless.

Trump Employs QAnon Believer As Pastry Chef at Mar-a-Lago

Sounds like a “wake-up call”—maybe he should hire more.

amatuerwrangler | February 24, 2019 at 11:16 am

I looked it up… It sounded familiar and Wiki helped me out. From the opening sentence: QAnon “…is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters.”

OK. It claims it started in 2017. As I recall, there has been a lot of info discovered, and admitted to, and supported by evidence that there are people deep in Justice, FBI, among others who work diligently to derail anything done by the Administration deemed positive. Well its not so “secret” today, and the idea of “supposedly” appears out-of-place in the description. Most people who pay attention to any information source beyond the MSM know this “deep state” is there, but maybe did not that they were part of a group. 🙂

So there, I saved some of you some Google time. Its my Good Deed for today.

“most mainstream journalists know this is wrong”

I would dispute this assertion.

Thanks to the Daily Beast in having the Streisand Effect promote the conspiracy theory they hate.

What is a QAnon?

Did they even taste the bundt cake before writing this?

“QAnon is a crazy conspiracy theory that has made its way around social media.”

Tye writer is parroting DailyBeastjunk himself.

Because everyone knows there are no, nor have there ever been, true conspiracies in the real world. Anyone who speaks of conspiracy is a nut. BTW, crime doesn’t pay either.

No one has yet mentioned where to find the cryptic posts

Have fun diving into the deep end.

Next week: all your base are belong to us. The real story.

Perhaps it is just the LBTQ???? people who are mad that an unknown has culturally appropriated their beloved “Q.”

I think the left just hates pastry chefs in general because they are the reason so many on the left are overweight.

How many public school teachers believe Bush had a role in causing 9/11? Should we name and shame them? No, of course not

Yes, we should. But not lunch ladies, bus drivers, or secretaries.

Mao’s Red Guard in action.

Death squads are next. You’ll see.

The lunatics in the msm have been so far out of this world with their lies it’s not surprising that folks believe in QAnon or any other conspiracy theory.
No one in their right mind would have ever put down a nickel bet on 2016 presidential race being between PDJT and the evil witch (being nice for a change when referring to her) and that the result would be a President Trump.

I see a promotion to Executive Pastry Chef or even a share in a restaurant in someone’s future. Trump had better give her a raise if he wants to keep her, and she earned it.