When it comes to attacking Trump with ads, the Democrats are wasting no time. They haven’t had a single debate yet, but they’re already preparing to launch an expensive ad campaign targeting the president.

Maggie Severns reports at Politico:

Dems prepare 9-figure ad onslaught to blunt Trump’s head start

Democrats are preparing to kick off a campaign totaling hundreds of millions of dollars to blunt Donald Trump’s head start in the 2020 campaign as their party’s candidates slug it out for the right to take him on.

Democratic super PACs are set to soon launch a yearlong $150 million advertising onslaught countering the millions the president’s campaign has already spent targeting voters. On top of that, billionaire Tom Steyer is funding other groups testing a range of strategies to register and turn out people to vote. And the Democratic National Committee this week began training hundreds of college students to work as field staff in battleground states, an effort that will continue throughout the campaign.

The efforts, described to POLITICO by operatives involved in the plans, come as some Democrats worry Trump is going largely untouched during the Democratic primary, amassing huge sums money and lobbing bombs at his would-be rivals as they wage war among themselves. Those concerns were given voice last week by former Obama adviser Ben LaBolt, who wrote in an op-ed in The Atlantic that Trump is “running unopposed” in the 2020 race as his would-be rivals scrap for position in the Democratic primary.

This effort is going to focus on some specific states. It seems the Democrats have finally figured out that Hillary shouldn’t have ignored Wisconsin in 2016.

Rachel Frazin writes at The Hill:

Democratic super PACS set to target Trump amid 2020 primary race: report

Super PAC Priorities USA is preparing to launch a digital ad campaign aimed at voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida, according to Politico. The effort is part of $100 million the organization has designated for spending before the Democratic primaries are over.

This summer, American Bridge, which does opposition research for the party, will spend $50 million to target voters in those states though a television, digital and radio advertising campaign, the news outlet reported.

They’re also planning to take advantage of their political monopoly in higher education:

The DNC will also begin training 300 rising college seniors in organizing for the party, according to the news outlet. The number of students in the program, dubbed Organizing Corps. is expected to rise to 1,000.

The biggest challenge the Democrats face is winning back the voters they lost to Trump in 2016. Instead of focusing on a strategy for that, they have wasted two years obsessing over their hatred for Trump.

What reason can they offer these voters to come back to them now?


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