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US Department of Energy officials rebrand fossil fuels as ‘molecules of freedom’ & ‘freedom gas’

US Department of Energy officials rebrand fossil fuels as ‘molecules of freedom’ & ‘freedom gas’

We are also in a “CO2” famine.

A couple of weeks ago, I noted the green justice advocates were planning to rebrand “climate change” to “climate disaster” in order to gin up hysteria and fear.

It turns out two can play that game.  In a move that heralds the beginning of the Trump Administration’s election battle with climate change extremists, fossil fuels are getting a vocabulary makeover.

Two Department of Energy officials referred on Wednesday to natural gas produced in the US as “freedom gas” and “molecules of U.S. freedom” in a press release announcing the expansion of a natural gas facility in Texas.

The department announced the expansion of the Freeport LNG Terminal, a facility on Quintana Island, that produces liquified natural gas for export. The expansion of the facility will support an estimated 3,000 new jobs in the area, from construction to engineering, according to the department’s release.

“Increasing export capacity from the Freeport LNG project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving America’s allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy,” Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes said.

The wording is an evolution in terminology, based on the fiscal freedoms the new sources of energy offers.

According to Euractiv, earlier in May, when signing export orders for natural gas to Europe, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said that “the United States is again delivering a form of freedom to the European continent. And rather than in the form of young American soldiers, it’s in the form of liquefied natural gas.”

The outlet asked Perry if “freedom gas” might be an accurate description of the exports, to which Perry replied, “So yes, I think you may be correct in your observation.”

It gets better. I have previously noted that atmospheric levels of life-essential gases have changed throughout geologic time, without human influence. Furthermore, carbon dioxide enriched environments enhance plant growth.

Now, Trump administration officials are poised to argue that there is a “carbon dioxide famine“, countering the claims that CO2 is going to kill the Earth through global warming.

…[T]the Trump administration is creating a new climate review panel supervised by Princeton scientist William Happer, President Trump’s deputy assistant for emerging technologies on the National Security Council. Happer is the emeritus Eugene Higgens professor of physics and Cyrus Fogg Brackett professor of physics at Princeton University.

As E&E News reported, Happer has stated, “The public in general doesn’t realize that from the point of view of geological history, we are in a CO2 famine,” adding that higher concentrations of CO2 would aid plant life as he cited satellite data. He continued, “There is no problem from CO2. The world has lots and lots of problems, but increasing CO2 is not one of the problems. So [the Paris accord] dignifies it by getting all these yahoos who don’t know a damn thing about climate saying, ‘This is a problem, and we’re going to solve it.’ All this virtue signaling.”

So, as the climate alarmists mock the reframing, they will also be forced to address the freedom many are now enjoying low-cost fuel and the ability to travel at less cost.

The green justice warriors can also explain why being free from foreign threats, such as the Chinese are making against our rare earth supply, is bad.

Personally, I am enjoying the outrageous outrage….and am glad to see the Trump Administration fighting back with the same tactics used by “experts” who have been proven wrong time after time.


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The Friendly Grizzly | May 30, 2019 at 3:03 pm

What did that cost us?

“In a move that heralds the beginning of the Trump Administration’s election battle with climate change extremists, fossil fuels are getting a vocabulary makeover.”

There’s a ‘breaking bad’ motiff in all this somewhere…

Freedom LNG to Poland, Lihuanian, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary – essentially all of the former unwilling USSR vassals boarding Russia. Doing so removes the corruption and extortion lever Putin uses on all of those struggling eastern European small countries.

I keep reading that there’s a natural gas glut here in the US.

Sign a pact with the Baltic nations akin to a 21st century ENERGY NATO deal.

I recall Lithuania recently completed a LNG port facility. That’s the beachhead. Poland and Lithuania can deliver LNG via pipeline to Ukraine.

I’d rather use that sort of economic pressure than throw money at EU-NATO.

Paul In Sweden | May 30, 2019 at 4:56 pm

Most life evolved and existed during much higher levels of atmospheric CO2 than today. We are at 400+ ppm CO2 today, Greenhouses employ CO2 generators to boost the CO2 to 1000+ ppm. Green Plants begin to die at C02 150ppm.

Why We Need Higher CO2 Levels!

From this past record we can conclude we have absolutely nothing to fear from increasing CO2 levels and much for which to hope with an increasing abundance of plant life. Yet, one tale you almost certainly have not heard is that we do have a great deal to fear if atmospheric carbon dioxide is allowed to decrease. Biologists have shown plant life begins to suffer greatly once CO2 levels fall below 500 ppm, the situation we suffer today. Consider the effects of increasing CO2 as shown in the plots below, taken from Ehleringer et al. (2005).

–CO2 Levels In Air Dangerously Low for Life
-RETRIEVED-Thu May 30 2019 22:51:33 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

Can I have some freedom fries with that? And some victory cabbage to put on my liberty sandwich, while I feed the Salisbury steak to my Alsatian?

Dilbert Deplorable | May 30, 2019 at 7:47 pm

Democrats are just dumb.

Check this out. Note the evidence of CO2 starvation in plants at an atmospheric CO2 concentration just a little less than today.

Dejectedhead | May 30, 2019 at 8:14 pm

The CO2 famine is real, here’s plant growth at higher CO2 levels.

Greenhouses pump in CO2 to get those higher growth rates. “Environmentalists” confronted with this information actually argue against plants growing to maintain their need for disaster porn.

So not only will green energy cost more, food costs will also rise.Remember, government knows best.

That picture of the CO2 molecule is so wrong it is hurting my brain.

That CO2 molecule violates the octet rule.