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Students in College Admissions Scandal Claim They Were Told to Say They Were Minorities

Students in College Admissions Scandal Claim They Were Told to Say They Were Minorities

“The Common Application includes an optional box where applicants can note their race or ethnicity.”

This speaks volumes about the admissions process, doesn’t it?

The Hill reports:

Students in college-admissions scandal advised to say they were minorities: report

The man in the middle of a college-admissions scandal that sought to get the children of wealthy parents into elite colleges by cheating on tests and faking athletic credentials also reportedly gave families the option of misrepresenting their race.

Two people familiar with the situation told The Wall Street Journal for a report published Saturday that William Singer, a college guidance counselor who has pleaded guilty to four crimes, allegedly told some families to lie about being racial minorities.

A son of Marjorie Klapper, who is expected to plead guilty in connection with the scheme, was reportedly falsely listed as being black and Hispanic on his Common Application. Singer also arranged for a proctor for the ACT to cheat on the standardized test for the teenager.

The Common Application includes an optional box where applicants can note their race or ethnicity.

One of the people familiar with the investigation told The Journal that Klapper was one of many parents charged whose child was falsely represented as a person of color.

Singer reportedly informed families that not listing their child as minorities could put them at a “competitive disadvantage.”


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The whole Affirmative Action system of preferential treatment has functioned for far too long on a combination of series of never-discussed assumptions and the general goodwill of the American populace. Essentially, Americans were told that AA admittees were no different than any other student and that once they were able to overcome the bias that had prevented their admission to college, these students would fit right in and excel like every other student. This is and always has been a preposterous set of assumptions. To hide the obvious failure, proponents of AA have resorted to increasingly nonsensical rationalizations which has eroded the goodwill of the populace.

Of course checking that box gets you unwarranted preference. Why else would Sen. Lie-a-watha have checked it, knowing full well she was not qualified to teach at Harvard? Everyone knows this Emperor has no clothes.

BTW – when was the first time you ever saw a typical leftist spending their personal time to mentor a young minority student? When have you ever seen a liberal putting their own personal time and effort where their mouth is? Oh sure, they have time to volunteer for a political campaign, to attend a protest, to man a phone bank. But to actually do the hard work required to improve the academic capabilities of those they claim (so vainly) to want to help? Not gonna happen.

    artichoke in reply to LCP. | May 20, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Don’t you see? Due to the leftists’ great intelligence and morality, they are the leaders, the enlightened grand planners, and their contribution is to get others to handle the details like actually teaching children.

healthguyfsu | May 20, 2019 at 4:13 pm

Oldest trick in the book: Lizzie Lieawatha Warren has been pulling that off before it was cool.