Sims made the news a few days ago when a video showed that he harassed two teenagers praying outside of a Planned Parenthood. He even offered a reward to dox these girls, aged 13 and 15.

Because big shot Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims did not apologize in his supposed “apology” video posted on Twitter. Instead, he expressed regret for his actions since it violated Planned Parenthood’s “non-engagement policy.”


In his “apology” video, Sims claimed he has seen protesters harass women entering this Planned Parenthood, scaring them away from the abortion clinic.

But watch the video of the incident for which he’s drawn the ire of the internet. I see the teenage girls with their mother. Another guy by himself also praying outside of the clinic.

Sims offered his followers $100 to dox these girls. As I said, these girls are 13 and 15. He called them “pseudo-Christian protesters” who do nothing but shame “young girls for being here.”

After the girls and their mother left, Sims confronted the young man. He asked him why he thinks it’s his “job to tell women what to do with their bodies?”

It seems Sims does this a lot. Earlier this week, he confronted an elderly woman outside of the same Planned Parenthood. The video on Periscope won’t play for me, but Philadelphia’s CBS station confirmed the elderly lady “silently prayed” outside of the clinic.

Sims insisted these protesters harass those who enter the clinic. Why didn’t he film that? Or is it because no one is actually harassing would-be Planned Parenthood patrons?

I’m pro-life and cannot stand Planned Parenthood, but if people harass those who enter clinics like Sims harassed these people, then yes we should call them out.

Instead of anger or laws, we need to remain calm and change people’s minds and hearts about abortion. As a Catholic, I find nothing wrong with people who pray silently outside of clinics.

So-Called Apology

After everyone called Sims out for his horrid behavior, he attempted to explain his actions in a video on Twitter.

He said:

“As a Planned Parenthood volunteer and as a supporter, I fully understand, respect, and appreciate the non-engagement policy that they have.” He continues, “And I would never want to do anything that interfered with the care that they are providing to their patients. As an activist and an advocate I know why pushing back against harassment and discrimination are a must even when they’re uncomfortable but last week I wasn’t a patient escort. I was a neighbor and a concerned citizen and I was aggressive.

“I know that two wrongs don’t make a right and I can do better and I will do better for the men and women of Pennsylvania.”

Sims only justified his actions. He hated that he interfered with Planned Parenthood’s “care” for the women who enter the clinic. He felt bad since he violated their “non-engagement policy.”

How about those he harassed? Why no apology for them? They just stood there and prayed silently. How about his threat to DOX teenage girls?!

Thing is, Sims is not an ordinary state representative seeking more attention. The Democrat Party has already elevated him to star status. Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped into the party and Sims:

He has hung out with Pete Buttigieg. He has a robust social media following. In 2014, NARAL Pro-Choice America — that’s the abortion clinic lobby — gave him a top award. He posed for a picture with NARAL President Ilyse Hogue.

The American Bar Association has also given Sims an award for something or another. In 2013, when she became ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy asked him to deliver the keynote address at her swearing in.

In other words, in the modern Democratic Party, Brian Sims is a totally and completely mainstream figure. He is also, as you have seen in recent videos, a frothing extremist, who is willing to threaten teenagers and attack them for their skin color, simply because they disagree with him.

No wonder the Democrats have yet to scorn him for his behavior. If any Democrat has done this, I have not seen it. This tweet from Salena Zito made me think the Democrats harbor anger towards us who do not approve of this “apology” from Sims.

Response From the Mother

Carlson had the mother, Ashley Garecht, of the two girls on his show as well. How did they respond? They took the high road and prayed for him.

Garecht explained:

“So, after our first altercation with him, you know, I went and talked to my girls and told them, you know, ‘I’m really sorry this happened. I’m really proud of you guys for being here,’” Garecht began. “This is something we wanted to do as a prayerful act of the service as we prepared for the Easter Triduum, which was going to begin that night with Holy Thursday Mass. And I told them, you know, sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, but I was really proud of them.”

She continued, “Sadly, ironically, the two older girls looked at me and said, ‘Mom, that was nothing compared to what people were screaming at us at the March for Life in January.’ They went to the March for Life with their high school. So, I guess I was grateful that they had had some experience before. They were prepared for it and because they were able to kind of stay calm, that helped my younger daughter stay calm. And, you know, we prayed for him then.”


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