There was no media figure more humiliated and shamed by the actual facts about the supposed Trump-Russia conspiracy than MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  She was all-in on the Russian conspiracy, collusion, Manchurian candidate fantasy.  All. In.  Night after night she regaled her audience with her tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, and they lapped it up.

Her ratings soared, she became a “big name,” and then it all went south when the Mueller report was released.  Her breathless, studious assaults on logic and common sense flamed into ash.  There was no collusion, no conspiracy, no Russian puppet in the White House.

Her tinfoil crown askew, her ratings plummeting, Maddow clings desperately to her fantasy . . . while her protege Chris Hayes eyes her tinfoil topper with covetous relish.

Hayes has detailed his latest conspiracy theory on Twitter, and it goes like this:  the only reason the Trump economy is strong is that millions of business owners conspired to go bankrupt to make the economy tank under Obama.  They were all in on it!  Millions of American business owners destroyed their financial lives, their families’ well-being, to discredit Obama.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Breitbart reports:

Hayes has an actual “theory” about an actual “conspiracy” involving millions (literally) of business owners secretly plotting to damage Barack Obama and benefit Trump.

In trying to explain why the economy has roared back to life under Trump, Hayes told his nearly two million Twitter followers this [emphasis added]:

Lots of regular people – critics, bloggers, gadflies, etc were able to see this but the commanding heights of the econ/policy/political worlds either could not or would not.

Or, an even less charitable interpretation: they didn’t get it wrong at all. They didn’t want full employment, they didn’t want wage growth and empowered workers and they certainly didn’t want that happening under a Democratic president.

I mean, years of the titans of industry whining about the skills mismatch, how they can’t find good workers, and chin-stroking conferences about labor force participation, and columns about how it was workers’ own fault, on and on and on, all just garbage.

Come close. Hear some truth.

This is how it happened, y’all…

When Obama was president, when Barry the Democrat was president, when a BLACK! man was president, millions and millions and millions of businesses got together, using Skype or something, and colluded to keep the economy down.

Oh and, according to Hayes, economists and (presumably) the media were also in on this enormous, impossible conspiracy.

Needless to say, this tinfoil hattery was met with facts, ridicule, and contempt.


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